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Irina Odoevtseva was born Iraida Heinike in Riga in 1895 (some sources say 1901). Her father Gustav Heinike was a Baltic German lawyer. She moved to St Petersburg in 1918 (which had just become Petrograd) and changed her name to Irina Odoevtseva. She joined the Guild of Poets and was very much influenced by its founder, Nikolay Gumilev. She had considerable success with her first book of poetry. She married her fellow poet Georgy Ivanov and the couple emigrated to Paris. She wrote five novels, three of which have been translated into English. During the war, the couple moved to Biarritz, though their house was requisitioned by the Germans when they occupied the town. After the war they moved back to Paris, finding their flat had been looted. Because of their alleged Nazi sympathies, they were ostracised by the literary world. Ivanov became an alcoholic and died in 1958. Odoevtseva later married Jacques Gorbof (born Yakov Gorbov), a fellow émigré writer. They remained a couple till he died in 1981. In 1987 she returned to Leningrad, where she had considerable success, particularly with her memoirs. She died in 1990.

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Ella Bobrow: Irina Odoevtseva: Poetess, Novelist, Memoirist – A Literary Portrait

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Irina Odoyevtseva
Odoevtseva, Irina (c. 1895–1990)
Odoevtseva, Irina Vladimirovna (1895–1990)
Odoevtseva I.V. (1895-1990), writer
Одоевцева Ирина (in Russian)
Одоевцева, Ирина Владимировна (in Russian)


1922 Двор чудес: Стихи 1920—1921 (poetry)
1927 Ангел смерти (Out of Childhood) (novel)
1929 Изольда (Isolde) (novel)
1929 Зеркало (novel)
1948 Оставь надежду навсегда (All Hope Abandon) (novel – first published in French)
1951 Контрапункт (poetry)
1952 Стихи, написанные во время болезни (poetry)
1957 Год жизни // Возрождение (novel)
1961 Десять лет (poetry)
1965 Одиночество (poetry)
1967 На берегах Невы (memoirs)
1975 Златая цепь (poetry)
1976 Портрет в рифмованной раме (poetry)
1983 На берегах Сены (memoirs)
2017 Елисейские поля (collected stories and novels)