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Yuri Mamleyev (also spelt Mamleev and Mamleiev) was born in Moscow in 1931. He took an engineering degree from the Moscow Institute of Forestry and then taught maths. However he also wrote extensively but his works could not be published in the Soviet Union, so were distributed in samizdat. In 1964, he emigrated to the United States, where he taught at Cornell. He later moved to Paris, where he continued teaching. After the fall of communism, he quickly returned to Russia and, since that time, has published extensively as well as teaching Indian philosophy. He is best-known for his philosophical work Судьба бытия [The Fate of Being] (not published in English but published in French as Destin de l’être). His best-known novel Шатуны (The Sublimes) has recently appeared in full in English for the first time. He died in 2015.

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(Only books translated into English)

1966 Шатуны (The Sublimes) (novel)
1980 The Sky Above Hell and Other Stories (stories)