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Mikhail Shishkin was born in 1961 in Moscow. He studied English and German at the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute. He worked various odd jobs before becoming first a journalist and then a teacher. He now lives in Switzerland where he also works as an interpreter for Russian refugees.

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1993 Всех ожидает одна ночь (novel)
1994 Слепой музыкант (novel)
1999 Взятие Измаила (Taking Izmail) (novel)
2000 Русская Швейцария (travel)
2002 Montreux-Missolunghi-Astapowo, Auf den Spuren von Byron und Tolstoj (travel)
2005 Венерин Волос (Maidenhair) (novel)
2006 Урок каллиграфии (novel/stories)
2010 Письмовник (The Light and the Dark) (novel)
2010 Записки Ларионова (novel)
2010 Письмовник (novel)
2012 Три прозы (novellas)
2015 Calligraphy Lesson : the Collected Stories
2017 Пальто с хлястиком : короткая проза, эссе (essays)
2019 Буква на снегу (essays)
2019 Россия и Запад: мир, война или перемирие? (My Russia: War or Peace?)
2022 В лодке, нацарапанной на стене : эссе, короткая прозаm (essays)