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Fyodor Sologub was born Fyodor Kuzmich Teternikov, in 1863 in Saint Petersburg. His father was a tailor, a former serf, who died in 1867. At this time his mother went to work for a rich aristocratic family. He graduated from St. Petersburg Teachers’ Institute and took his mother and sister with him on his first teaching assignment. He published his first work, a poem, soon after. He continued working in the provinces for ten years, before moving to the capital, where he started worked on Мелкий бес (The Petty Demon), his most famous work. He started writing for the literary magazine Severny Vestnik/. It was here that it was suggested that he adopted the pseudonym Sologub. After this, he started publishing more work, including his first novel, short stories and poems. He soon became successful and gave up teaching. He welcomed the Menshevik Revolution but not the Bolshevik one and applied to emigrate. Just before their departure, his wife killed herself and Sologub stayed in Russia. He died in 1927.

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1895 Тяжёлые сны (Bad Dreams) (novel)
1896 Стихи. Книга первая; Стихи. Книга вторая (poetry)
1896 Тени (story)
1904 Жало Смерти (story)
1904 забелелся туман за рекой (poetry)
1904 Собрание стихов (poetry)
1905 Книга сказок (story)
1906 Политические сказочки (story)
1906 Родине (poetry)
1907 Змий (poetry)
1907 Истлевающие личины (story)
1907 Мелкий бес (The Petty Demon; later: The Little Demon) (novel)
1907—1914 Творимая легенда (The Created Legend) (Королева Ортруда (Queen Ortruda); Капли крови (Drops of Blood); Дым и пепел (Smoke and Ashes)) (novel)
1908 Книга разлук (story)
1908 Пламенный круг. Стихи. Книга восьмая. (poetry)
1908 Поль Верлен. Стихи, избранные и переведённые Фёдором Сологубом: Седьмая книга стихов; (poetry)
1909 Книга очарований (story)
1909 Тяжелые сны (Bad Dreams)
1912 Слаще яда (novel)
1914 Очарования земли (poetry)
1915 Война (poetry)
1915 The Sweet-Scented Name And Other Fairy Tales, Fables And Stories (stories)
1916 Ярый год (story)
1917 Алый мак (poetry)
1918 The Old House and Other Stories (stories)
1918 Помнишь, не забудешь и другие рассказы (stories)
1918 Слепая бабочка (story)
1921 Небо голубое; Одна любовь; Фимиамы (poetry)
1921 Сочтённые дни (stories)
1922 Костёр дорожный; Свирель; Чародейная чаша (poetry)
1923 Великий благовест (poetry)
1977 The Kiss of the Unborn and Other Stories (stories)
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