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Vladimir Sharov was born in Moscow in 1952. His father was Alexander Sharov, a geneticist and then science fiction writer and children’s writer. Vladimir Sharov graduated from the Second Physics and Mathematics School. He then went to the Plekhanov Institute, which he had to leave. He next went to the Faculty of History of Voronezh University. He worked as a loader, a worker in an archaeological party, and as a literary secretary. He started writing poetry and published his first novel in 1991. He has since published several well-received novels. His books have a strong alternative religious element to them. He died in 2018.

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Vladimir Sharov
Vladimir Sharov
Vladimir Sharov
Шаров, Владимир Александрович (in Russian)
Шаров, Владимир Александрович (in Russian)


1991 След в след: Хроника одного рода в мыслях, комментариях и основных датах (novel)
1992 Репетиции (Rehearsals) (novel)
1993 До и во время (Before and During) (novel)
1995 Мне ли не пожалеть (novel)
1998 Старая девочка (novel)
2002 Воскрешение Лазаря (novel)
2008 Будьте как дети (Be As Children) (novel)
2009 Искушение революцией (essay)
2013 Возвращение в Египет (novel)
2016 Рама Воды (collected poetry)
2018 Перекрёстное опыление : время, место, люди : сборник (essay)
2018 Царство Агамемнона (novel)