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Vladimir Sorokin was born in 1955 in Bykovo, near Moscow. The family moved from place to place. He studied at the Gubkin Institute of Oil and Gas in Moscow and graduated in 1977 as an engineer.
He After graduating as a mechanical engineer, He worked for a year for Smena magazine, from which he was fired for refusing to join the Komsomol , although in fact he already was a member, He took up book design, painting and conceptual art and has had many exhibitions. He started writing when he became involved in Moscow’s underground scene, publishing some stories in a French magazine and then his first novel Очередь (The Queue) with the same French publisher. During the Soviet era his work was banned and in the post-Soviet era it has been very controversial,attracting a lot of criticism. He has written short stories, novels, articles/essays, film scripts and plays. More recently he returned to painting.

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1985 Очередь (The Queue) (novel)
1992 Первый субботник (Dispatches from the District Committee0 (stories)
1994 Норма (The Norm) (novel)
1994 Роман (Roman) (novel)
1994 Сердца Четырех (Their Four Hearts) (novel)
1995 Тридцатая любовь Марины (Marina’s 30th Love) (novel)
1998 Первый субботник (stories)
1999 Голубое Сало (Blue Lard) (novel)
2000 Пир (stories)
2002 Лёд (Ice) (Ice Trilogy 1) (novel)
2004 Путь Бро (Bro) (Ice Trilogy 2) (novel)
2005 23’000 (23,000) (Ice Trilogy 3) (novel)
2005 Четыре (stories)
2006 День опричника (Day of the Oprichnik) (novel)
2007 Капитал. Полное собрание пьес (drama)
2008 Заплыв (stories)
2008 Сахарный Кремль (stories)
2010 Метель ((The Blizzard) (novel)
2010 Моноклон (stories)
2013 Теллурия (Telluria) (novel)
2017 Манарага (novel)
2018 Белый квадрат (stories)
2019 Нормальная история (articles,essays)
2020 Русские народные пословицы и поговорки (proverbs, sayings)
2021 Доктор Гарин (novel)
2024 Red Pyramid and Other Stories