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Artem Chekh was born in 1985 in Cherkasy. He graduated from National Academy of Culture and Arts Management (Kyiv) in sociology but never worked in that field. He has worked in various jobs, including as an actor, guard, artist, journalist, copywriter and as a soldier in the Ukrainian Armed Forces. He has gone on to be a successful writer. He is married to the film-maker Iryna Tsilyk.

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Artem Chekh


2007 Цього ви не знайдете в Яндексі
2007 Киня
2008 Анатомічний Атлас. Важко бути жабою
2008 Пластик
2009 Doc 1
2009 Сині двері злів
2011 Письменники про футбол
2012 Рожеві сиропи
2012 Awesome Ukraine (with others)
2012 Історія мотоспорту в Україні
2014 94 дні. Євромайдан очима ТСН
2015 Війна очима
2017 Точка нуль (Absolute Zero)
2019 Район «Д»