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Youenn Gwernig was born in Scaër in 1925. He started off writing poetry, before emigrating to the United States, where he worked as a sculptor, only returning to Brittany in 1969. While in the United States, he became friends with Jack Kerouac (who was of Breton origin). As well as poems, he has written novels but is best known as a song writer and singer. He wrote in Breton, French and English. He died in 2006.

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Youenn Gwernig (in French)
Gwernig, Youen (in French)


1972 An toull en nor
1976 An diri dir
1982 La grande tribu [The Large Tribe]
1997 Un dornad plu (A Handful of Feathers) (bilingual text)
2002 Danevelloù divyezhek
2002 Appelez-moi Ange