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Eva Baltasar was born in Barcelona in 1978. She graduated in pedagogy from the University of Barcelona. Her initial work was in poetry and she published several books of poetry, often with lesbian themes. She has since written three novels, which form part of a triptych, each one narrated by a different woman.

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2008 Laia (poetry)
2009 Atàviques feres (poetry)
2010 Reclam (poetry)
2011 Dotze treballs (poetry)
2011 Medi aquàtic (poetry)
2012 Poemes d’una embarassada (poetry)
2013 Vida limitada (poetry)
2016 Animals d’hivern (poetry)
2017 Neutre (poetry)
2017 Invertida (poetry)
2018 Permagel (Permafrost) (novel)
2020 Boulder (Boulder) (novel)
2022 Mamut (Mammoth) (novel)