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Note that I am defining Catalan literature as literature by authors who primarily write in Catalan. Spanish authors who write primarily in Spanish, even though they are born and/or bred in Catalonia, will be found under Spanish. There are some authors who write in both languages and they will generally be found here. I am well aware that this is controversial and some will argue that, for example, the Welsh pages include many authors who write exclusively in English but, as this is my site, I can choose my own inconsistencies.


Ametller, Arquimbau, Baltasar, Bartra, Baulenas, Benguerel, Besora, Cabré, Castells, Català, Jordi Coca, Cussà, de Palol, El Hachmi, Espinàs, Forrellad, Garrigasait, Gimferrer, Janer, Moix, Moncada, Monzó, Oller, Perucho, Porcel, Puntí, Rafecas, Riera, Rodoreda, Roig, Ruyra, Sales, Villalonga

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