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Joan Sales was born in Barcelona in 1912. He took a degree in law and then graduated from the School of War of Catalonia.. He joined the Communist Party and fought on the republican side in the Spanish Civil War. After the war, he went into exile to France, then to the Dominican Republic and finally to Mexico. He returned to Catalonia in 1948, where he and his wife founded a publishing company, where he published Mercè Rodoreda‘s La plaça del Diamant (UK: The Pigeon Girl; US: The Time of the Doves), amongst other works. As well as writing various works himself, he also translated Kazankzakis, Mauriac and Dostoievsky into Catalan. He died in 1983.

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1950 Rondalles escollides de Guimerà, Casaponce i Alcover (travel)
1951 Rondalles gironines i valencianes (travel)
1952 Rondalles d’ahir i avui (travel)
1952 Viatge d’un moribund (poetry)
1953 Rondalles escollides de Ramon Llull, Mistral i Verdaguer (travel)
1956 Incerta glòria (Uncertain Glory) (novel)
1969 Incerta glòria (Uncertain Glory) (uncensored and revised version) (novel)
1972 En Tirant lo Blanc a Grècia (opera)
1976 Cartes a Màrius Torres (correspondence)
1983 El vent de nit (Winds of the Night) (novel)
1986 Cartes de la guerra (correspondence)
1987 Contes d’ahir i d’avui (stories)