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Costas Montis was born in Famagusta in 1914. His father was a government employee. Both his parents and two of his brothers died when he was still a child. He studied law at the University of Athens but was unable to work in Cyprus as the British authorities did not recognise a Greek law degree. He got a job with a mining company where he was soon promoted to supervisor. When the mines closed during the war, he worked as an accountant and then as a journalist. He continued to work as a journalist till Cyprus became independent, when he became head of tourism, a post he held till his retirement. He is best remembered as a poet but also wrote stories, a novel and plays. He died in 2004.

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Costas Montis


Only books translated into English

1958 Στιγμές (Moments)
1964 Κλειστές πόρτες (Closed Doors)
1965 Γράμμα στη μητέρα και άλλοι στίχοι (Letter To Mother and Other Verses)
1980 Ο αφέντης Μπατίστας και τ’ άλλα (Afentis Batistas)