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Andrew Sinclair: Magog

The follow-up to Gog was not nearly as well done. It naturally follows the career of Gog’s half-brother, Magog, from selling arms to the Israeli terrorist organization, Haganah, to film production, to property development and ending up as the Master of a new Cambridge college. As with his brother, we start his story at the end of World War II (where he is a corrupt civil servant who is going to be fired and is also having an affair with Maire, his half-brother’s wife) but, unlike his brother, he has a career which while often amusing and which certainly gives Sinclair the opportunity to make some telling points (Power corrupts. Powerlessness corrupts absolutely.) does not lend itself to playing around with myth, legend and history in the same way and ends up being rather drab. Definitely the weak link in the trilogy.

Publishing history

First published 1967 by Weidenfeld & Nicolson