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Leslie Poles Hartley was born in 1895 in Whittlesea, near Peterborough. He went to Harrow and Oxford University where he became associated with the group of writers around Lady Ottoline Morrell. He got to know David Cecil, whose lover he became, Aldous Huxley, E M Forster and other soon-to-be famous writers. He served two years in the First World War. He published his first work – a collection of stories – in 1924 and went on to make a full-time career out of literature. He is best remembered for The Go-Between.

Books about L P Hartley

Edward T. Jones: L. P. Hartley
Adrian Wright: Foreign Country: The Life of LP Hartley

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L P Hartley
L P Hartley


1924 Night Fears
1925 Simonetta Perkins
1932 The Killing Bottle
1944 The Shrimp and the Anemone
1945 The West Window
1946 The Sixth Heaven
1947 Eustace and Hilda
1948 Travelling Grave and Other Stories
1949 The Boat
1953 The Go-Between
1954 The White Wand
1955 A Perfect Woman
1957 The Hireling
1957 My Fellow Devils
1960 Facial Justice
1961 Two For the River
1964 The Brickfield
1966 The Betrayal
1967 The Novelist’s Responsibility
1968 Poor Clare
1968 The Collected Short Stories of L. P. hartley
1969 The Love-adept
1970 My Sister’s Keeper
1971 The Harness Room
1971 Mrs. Carteret Receives and Other Stories
1972 The Collections
1973 The Will and the Way
2001 The Collected Macabre Stories