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Philippe Djian was born in Paris in 1949. His father was of Armenian origin. After studying literature at Vincennes, he briefly studied journalism. He first worked as a docker in Le Havre and then travelled in the United States and Colombia. On returning to France he continued to work at different jobs – in a book shop, on a railway, motorway toll collector – and also met his future wife Année, a painter. They now have three children. His first book was rejected by Gallimard as not being a work of literature but was published by Bernard, Barrault and Fixot. He used the money to work on his house and refused to come to Paris. Bernard, Barrault and Fixot published his first three books without ever seeing him. In 1985 he moved to Biarritz, in 1988, to Boston, Massachusetts, moving to Florence, Bordeaux and Lausanne before ending up in Paris. Despite having being rejected by the French literary establishment, he is now published by Gallimard. His writings are erotic and he has been accused of obscenity, particularly for Vers chez les blancs. He claims influence from American writers, particularly those who are less literary such as Bukowski, Kerouac, Raymond Carver and Henry Miller.

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1981 50 contre 1 (stories)
1982 Bleu comme l’enfer (novel)
1984 Zone érogène (novel)
1985 37,2° le matin (Betty Blue: the Story of a Passion) (novel)
1986 Maudit manège (novel)
1988 Echine (novel)
1989 Crocodiles (stories)
1991 Lent Dehors (novel)
1992 Lorsque Lou (stories)
1993 Bram van Velde (novel)
1993 Sotos (novel)
1994 Assassins (novel)
1996 Criminels (novel)
1996 Contes de Noël (stories)
1998 Il dit que c’est difficile (stories)
1998 Sainte – Bob (novel)
2000 Vers chez les blancs (novel)
2002 Ardoise (novel)
2002 Ça, c’est un baiser (novel)
2003 Frictions (novel)
2005 Impuretés (novel)
2005-8 Doggy Bag (novel)
2008 Mise en bouche (stories)
2009 Impardonnables (Unforgivable) (novel)
2010 Incidences (Consequences) (novel)
2010 La fin du monde Reloaded (paintings by Horst Haack) (text to paintings)
2011 Vengeances (novel)
2012 Oh… (Elle) (novel)
2013 Love Song (novel)
2014 Chéri-chéri (novel)
2016 Dispersez-vous, ralliez-vous ! (novel)
2017 Marlène (Marlene) (novel)
2018 À l’aube (novel)
2019 Les inéquitables (novel)
2021 2030 (novel)
2021 Double Nelson (novel)
2023 Sans compter (novel)
2024 Faites vos jeux (novel)