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Ivan Jablonka was born in Paris in 1973. His father was an engineer and his mother a teacher. He studied history at the École normale supérieure and subsequently taught history at the University of Paris. He worked as a publisher of books and magazines, dealing with topics such as history, sociology and economics.

His varied early work included a work on Jean Genet, a history of abandoned children, the story of children moved from Réunion to metropolitan France and a biography of his grandparents, who were murdered in Auschwitz. This lattter book is the only book of his to be translated into English. In 2016 he was awarded the the prix des prix (link in French), the novel deemed the best of all the prize-winning novels of the year for Laëtitia ou la Fin des hommes [Laetitia or the End of Men], a novelisation of the brutal murder of a girl in Paris.

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2004 Les vérités inavouables de Jean Genet (literature)
2005 Âme sœur (under the pseudonym Yvan Améry) (novel)
2006 Ni père ni mère : histoire des enfants de l’Assistance publique (1874-1939) (sociology)
2007 Enfants en exil : transfert de pupilles réunionnais en métropole (1963-1982) (sociology)
2009 Jeunesse oblige : histoire des jeunes en France (XIXe – XXIe siècle) (sociology)
2010 Les enfants de la République: l’intégration des jeunes de 1789 à nos jours) (sociology)
2012 Histoire des grands-parents que je n’ai pas eus (A History of the Grandparents I Never Had) (biography)
2013 Nouvelles perspectives sur la Shoah (with Annette Wieviorka) (history)
2014 L’enfant-Shoah (history)
2014 Le monde au XXIIème siècle. Utopies pour après-demain (history)
2014 L’histoire est une littérature contemporaine. Manifeste pour les sciences sociales (history, literature)
2015 Le corps des autres (sociology)
2016 Laëtitia ou la Fin des hommes [Laetitia or the End of Men] (novel)
2018 En camping car
2019 Des hommes justes. Du patriarcat aux nouvelles masculinités
2021 Un garçon comme vous et moi
2023 Goldman