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Marie Redonnet was born Martine L’hospitalier in 1948. After studying literature (she wrote her thesis on Jean Genet), she taught art and language. She later worked at the French Embassy in Morocco. After a period of teaching in France and the United States, she returned to Morocco, where she lives with her son. Redonnet is her mother’s maiden name. She has written both plays and novels.

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1985 Le Mort & Cie (poetry)
1986 Splendid Hôtel (Hôtel Splendid)
1986 Doublures (Understudies)
1987 Forever Valley (Forever Valley)
1987 Rose Mélie Rose (Rose Mélie Rose)
1988 Tir & Lir (drama)
1989 Mobie-Diq (Mobie-Diq) (drama)
1990 Silsie
1992 Candy Story (Candy Story)
1992 Seaside (drama)
1994 Nevermore (Nevermore)
1994 Le Cirque Pandor, suivi de Fort Gambo (drama)
1996 Villa Rosa, Henri Matisse
2000 L’Accord de paix
2005 Diego
2016 La femme au Colt 45 [The Woman with the Colt 45]
2017 Les héritières
2018 Trio pour un monde égaré