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Marie Redonnet: Nevermore (Nevermore)

Another fable from Redonnet with many of the traits found in her previous novels. It is set in a fictitious country, specifically in an outlying part of the country, by the sea, and near the frontier of another fictitious country which, economically, is doing much better. The people have faux English names. A newcomer arrives in town and causes changes. Sex is perfunctory and purely for pleasure. All sorts of plots are going on. Mysterious deaths take place. The area decays before our eyes. There is a tragedy and an election. At the end we are left with the feeling that things are not going to get better. In this case it is Willy Bost, circus lover, cop, writer manqué, who is the hero and there is a circus and volcano to brighten things up but entropy will have its way and all will decay. Her novels are fun and different but, somehow, you have the feeling you know what will happen and that you have read it all before. If you have read her other novels, you have.

Publishing history

First published in French 1994 by P.O.L.
First published in English 1996 by University of Nebraska Press Translated by Jordan Stump