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Several people have said it but James Joyce is the one I remember. The best English literature is Irish. Anne Enright is definitely an upcoming writer who writes in English but who is very much Irish. Anne Enright was not well known even in Ireland and certainly not outside Ireland till she won the Man Booker Prize. She was born in 1962 in Dublin and educated at Trinity College, Dublin and the University of East Anglia. She is currently a producer with Radio Telefis Eireann. Her first book, The Portable Virgin, was a collection of short stories and was shortlisted for the Irish Times/Aer Lingus Irish Literature Prize, and won the Rooney Prize in 1991, while her second book, The Wig My Father Wore, was a wonderful novel. She has continued to produce first-class novels.

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Anne Enright
Anne Enright


1995 The Portable Virgin (short stories)
1995 The Wig My Father Wore
2000 What Are You Like?
2002 The Pleasure of Eliza Lynch
2004 Making Babies: Stumbling into Motherhood
2007 The Gathering
2008 Taking Pictures
2009 Yesterday’s Weather
2011 The Forgotten Waltz
2015 The Green Road
2017 Babies
2020 Actress
2023 The Wren