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Glenn Patterson was born in Belfast in 1961. He studied for his M.A. in Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia under Malcolm Bradbury and Angela Carter. He has not been afraid to deal with the”Troubles” in his writing.

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Glenn Patterson
Glenn Patterson
Glenn Patterson


1992 Fat Lad
1993 Burning Your Own
1995 Black Night at Big Thunder Mountain
1999 The International
2003 Number 5
2004 That Which Was
2006 Lapsed Protestant
2007 Luxus (with Victor Sloan)
2007 The Third Party
2008 Once Upon a Hill: Love in Troubled Times
2012 The Mill for Grinding Old People Young
2014 The Rest Just Follows
2015 Here’s Me Here : Further Reflections of a Lapsed Protestant
2016 Gull
2019 Backstop Land
2020 Where Are We Now?
The Last Irish Question: Will Six Into Twenty-Six Ever Go?