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Julián Ríos: Poundemonium (Poundemonium)

More literary fun and games from Ríos. This time it is a tribute to Ezra Pound but we are still going to get the multilingual puns and other word games, the Joycean trickery, the photos of non-tourist London, the weird footnotes and the homage to Sterne. The poet, Milalias, (a name open to quite a few puns) is our guide while Babelle takes the photos, while Sterne, Nabokov, Joyce, Lewis Carroll and others including, of course, Ezra Pound, hang over the whole. If you like that sort of stuff, you will like this book. If not, pass on.

Publishing history

First published in Spanish 1986 by Del Mall
First published in English 1997 by Dalkey Archive Press
Translated by Richard Alan Francis