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Sara Lidman was born in Missenträsk, 3 kilometers from the land border between Lapland and Västerbotten, in 1923. She grew up on a small farm. She contracted tuberculosis and spent some time in a sanatorium, where she read a lot. She studied at the University of Uppsala. She married a doctor the same time as she published her first book, Tjärdalen [The Tar Still], but then had an affair with the writer, Ivar Lo-Johansson. In 1960-61, she spent some time in South Africa, where she got to know Nadine Gordimer. Because of her relationship with the black politician Peter Nthite , she was nearly sent to prison and only managed to escape a sentence because of the intervention of UN Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld, on condition she left South Africa, never to return.

She took up other causes such as opposition to the Vietnam War and opposition to nuclear weapons. She moved back to her home town in the 1970s. She wrote some twenty novels, often about her home region, as well as articles and plays. She died in 2004.

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Birgitta Holm: Sara Lidman – i liv och text (in Swedish)

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1953 Tjärdalen [The Tar Still] (novel)
1955 Hjortronlandet (novel)
1958 Regnspiran (The Rain Bird) (novel)
1960 Bära mistel (novel)
1961 Jag och min son (novel)
1964 Med fem diamanter (novel)
1966 Samtal i Hanoi (journalism)
1968 Gruva. Bild Odd Uhrbom (interviews)
1969 Vänner och u-vänner (articles)
1970 Marta Marta (drama)
1972 Fåglarna i Nam Dinh (articles about Vietnam)
1977 Din tjänare hör (novel)
1979 Vredens barn (novel)
1980 Varje löv är ett öga (articles)
1981 Nabots sten (Naboth’s Stone) (novel)
1983 Den underbare mannen (novel)
1985 Järnkronan (novel)
1988 …och trädet svarade (articles)
1996 Lifsens rot (novel)
1999 Oskuldens minut (novel)
2003 Kropp och skäl (articles)
2007 Job Klockmakares dotter : en pjäs (drama)
2016 Samtal i Hanoi (politics)
2017 Fröken, Moster Evelina och Anton (stories)