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Peter Stamm was born in Münsterlingen in 1963. His father was an accountant. Stamm followed in his father’s footsteps, training as and then practising as an accountant. He started writing but all of his early work was rejected. He went back to university, studying English literature for six months at the University of Zurich before spending six months in New York. He returned to his studies, focussing on psychology. He then interned in various psychiatric clinics. His aim was to learn about people for literary purposes.

After spending further time abroad – in New York, Paris and Scandinavia – he returned home and worked as a journalist. he started publishing his fiction work. Since then he has written novels, stories, radio plays and theatrical plays. Much of his fiction has been translated into English by Michael Hofmann.

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1995 Alles über den Mann (fiction)
1997 Gotthard (fiction)
1998 Agnes (Agnes) (fiction)
1999 Blitzeis (Black Ice) (fiction)
2001 Ungefähre Landschaft (Unformed Landscape)) (fiction)
2003 In fremden Gärten In Strange Gardens) (fiction)
2005 Warum wir vor der Stadt wohnen (fiction)
2006 An einem Tag wie diesem (On a Day Like This) (fiction)
2008 Wir fliegen (We’re Flying) (fiction)
2008 Heidi (children’s)
2009 Sieben Jahre (Seven Years) (fiction)
2011 Seerücken (The Ridge) (fiction)
2013 Nacht ist der Tag (All Days are Night) (fiction)
2014 Der Lauf der Dinge (fiction)
2014 Die Vertreibung aus dem Paradies. Bamberger Vorlesungen und verstreute Texte (literature)
2016 Weit über das Land (To the Back of Beyond) (fiction)
2018 Die sanfte Gleichgültigkeit der Welt (The Sweet Indifference of the World) (fiction)
2019 Marcia aus Vermont (fiction)
2020 Wenn es dunkel wird (It’s Getting Dark) (stories)
2021 Das Archiv der Gefühle (The Archive of Feelings) (novel)
2023 In einer dunkelblauen Stunde (novel)