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Niall Griffiths was born in Liverpool, though he now lives in Wales. He claims, as his early influences, Ron Berry, Alex Trocchi and Hubert Selby Jr. After doing a variety of short-term jobs, he went to Aberystwyth to study for a Ph. D. but dropped out, feeling that he”learned more on Wales and Welsh language and culture on building sites than in university” and took up writing. His writing has been compared to Irvine Welsh.

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Niall Griffiths
Niall Griffiths
Niall Griffiths
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2000 Grits
2001 Sheepshagger
2002 Kelly and Victor
2003 Stump
2005 Wreckage
2007 Runt
2007 Bring It Back Home
2008 Real Aberystwyth (with Peter Finch)
2008 Real Liverpool (with Peter Finch)
2009 Ten Pound Pom
2010 The Dreams of Max and Ronnie
2013 A Great Big Shining Star
2019 Broken Ghost
2023 Of Talons and Teeth