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The I-novel

The I-novel (私小説), also known as watakushi shōsetsu or shishōsetsu (ししょうせつ、わたくししょうせつ) is one of the key literary movements of twentieth century Japan. As the name implies, it is essentially (semi-)autobiographical. It is also confessional and, particularly in the later novels in this genre, it exposes the dark side of the author’s deeds and thoughts. It stemmed from the previous naturalist school and was first used in 1920. There is much dispute as to what the first I-novel was, whether it was Chikamatsu Shuko’s Giwaku (Suspicions) or Toson Shimazaki‘s Hakai (Broken Commandment), though the latter is more of a naturalist novel than an I-novel. Important I novelists include Naoya Shiga and Osamu Dazai

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