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Matthew Condon was born in Brisbane in 1962. He studied at the University of Queensland and the Goethe Institute, Bremen, Germany. He has written novels, short stories and children’s fiction. He also works as a journalist.

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Matthew Condon
Matthew Condon
Matthew Condon


1988 The Motorcycle Cafe (novel)
1991 Usher (novel)
1994 The Ancient Guild of Tycoons (novel)
1995 A Night at the Pink Poodle (novel)
1996 The Lulu Magnet (stories)
1997 The Tunnel (children’s)
1998 The Pillow Fight (novel)
2001 Lime Bar (novel)
2007 The Trout Opera (novel)
2007 Mulligan: On Being a Hack Golfer (novel)
2010 Brisbane (non-fiction)
2012 The Toe Tag Quintet (novel)
2013 Murder Most Abstract (novel)
2013 Three Crooked Kings (true crime)
2014 Jacks and Jokers (true crime)
2015 All Fall Down (novel)
2016 Little Fish are Sweet (non-fiction)
2019 The Night Dragon (true crime)
2020 Brisbane