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Richard Flanagan was born in Longford, Tasmania in 1961. He left school at age sixteen to become a carpenter. In the late 70s he got a Rhodes scholarship to Oxford University but returned to Australia doing menial jobs to support his writing. He has been a political activist (having come from family with strong political convictions), lobbying on a variety of issues, including gay rights, the environment and aboriginal rights. As well as being an activist for the Greens, he has written on environmental issues and the Greens. His second book, The Sound of One Hand Clapping, about post-war immigrants coming to Australia, has been made into a film, directed by Flanagan.

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1984 Student Accommodation Crisis : a Preliminary Report
1985 A Terrible Beauty : History of the Gordon River Country
1990 The Rest of the World is Watching
1991 Codename Iago : the story of John Friedrich
1994 Death of a River Guide
1997 The Sound of One Hand Clapping
2001 Gould’s Book of Fish
2006 The Unknown Terrorist
2008 Wanting
2011 And What Do You Do, Mr Gable?
2013 The Narrow Road to the Deep North
2017 First Person
2021 The Living Sea of Waking Dreams
2021 Toxic: The Rotting Underbelly of the Tasmania Salmon Industry
2023 Question 7 (biography)
2023 Wanting (novel)