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David Foster was born in Sydney in 1944. His parents were radio comedians. After attending the University of Sydney, he worked as a research scientist in the USA and Sydney before becoming a full-time writer. He has worked at a variety of jobs, including laborer, swimming-pool manager, drummer, postman and deckhand on a prawn trawler. He has written a variety of works – novels, fiction, travel accounts and poetry. His writing style has been described as that of a grim joyless farceur and he himself has said There are worse motivations than tribal obligations, loyalty to a mate, fear of not being a real man, idle intellectual curiosity. While he was known in Australia before, he only obtained international fame with the publication of The Glade Within the Grove.)

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David Foster
David Foster


1973 North, South, West : Three Novellas
1974 The Pure Land (novel)
1975 The Fleeing Atalanta (poetry)
1977 The Empathy Experiment (with D.K. Lyall)
1977 Escape to Reality ( short stories
1981 Moonlite (novel)
1983 Plumbum (novel)
1985 Dog Rock : A Postal Pastoral (novel)
1986 The Adventures of Christian Rosy Cross (novel)
1987 Testostero (novel)
1988 The Pale Blue Crochet Coathanger Cover (novel)
1989 Hitting The Wall : Two Novellas
1991 Mates of Mars (novel)
1994 A Slab of Foster’s
1996 The Glade Within the Grove (novel)
1997 The Ballad of Erinungarah (poetry)
1999 In the New Country (novel)
1999 Studs and Nogs: Essays 1987-98
2002 The Land where Stories End (novel)
2002 A Year of Slow Food (with Gerda Foster) (non-fiction)
2009 Sons of the Rumour (novel)
2012 Man of Letters (novel)
2012 Sons of the Rumour (poetry)
2014 he Niquab and the Mumkin
2018 The Contemptuary