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Rodney Hall was actually born in Birmingham, England in 1935 and came to Australia after the Second World War. After graduating from the University of Queensland, he worked various jobs, including as a TV and radio scriptwriter, actor, film critic and a lecturer in music and creative writing. He has also been poetry adviser to the publishers Angus and Robertson and has been active in aboriginal affairs. He has been a prolific writer, writing poetry, novels and criticism as well as editing several verse collections. His style varies as he has written satire, fictional autobiography and allegory; however, his main theme has been Australian history and Australia’s relationship both to Britain, the”home country”, as well as its relationship to its native population.

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1962 The Climber (poetry)
1962 Penniless till Doomsday (poetry)
1963 Poems
1963 Services for Aborigines (with Shirley Andrews) (social affairs)
1963 Forty Beads on a Hangman’s Rope: Fragments of Memory (poetry)
1967 Eyewitness (poetry)
1968 Focus on Andrew Sibley (non-fiction)
1968 The Autobiography of a Gorgon and Other Poems (poetry)
1968 Under the Gum Trees at Sunrise: Anthem for Two Five-Part Choirs and Four Soloists (lyric)
1968 The Law of Karma, a Progression of Poems (poetry)
1970 Heaven, in a Way (poetry)
1970 Australia (poetry)
1972 The Ship on the Coin: a Fable of the Bourgeoisie (novel)
1973 A Soapbox Omnibus (poetry)
1973 Poems From Prison (poetry)
1975 Australians Aware: Poems and Paintings of Today (poetry)
1975 A Place Among People (novel)
1975 Selected Poems (poetry)
1978 Black Bagatelles (poetry)
1978 J.S. Manifold : an Introduction to the Man and his Work (non-fiction)
1981 The Most Beautiful World (poetry)
1982 Just Relations (novel)
1983 Australia, Image of a Nation 1850-1950 (non-fiction)
1984 The Australians (travel)
1987 Kisses of the Enemy (novel)
1988 Paradis
1988 Captivity Captive (novel)
1988 Journey Through Australia (later Home: Journey Through Australia) (non-fiction)
1991 An Australian Place: the Upper Hunter Valley (photographs by David Moore)
1991 The Second Bridegroom (novel)
1993 The Grisly Wife (novel)
1993 Sydney Harbour (photographs by David Moore)
1994 A Dream More Luminous Than Love: the Yandilli trilogy (The Second Bridegroom, The Grisly Wife and Captivity Captive) (novel)
1996 Island in the Mind (novel)
1996 The Writer and the World of the Imagination (literature)
1996 Abolish the States! (politics)
1999 A Return to the Brink (drama)
2000 The Day We Had Hitler Home (novel)
2002 The Owner of My Face: New and Selected Poems (poetry)
2004 The Last Love Story (novel)
2007 Love Without Hope (novel)
2010 Popeye Never Told You: Childhood Memories of the War
2011 Silence (stories)
2018 A Stolen Season (novel)