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Ireland was born in Lakemba, New South Wales in 1927. He worked a variety of jobs before becoming a full-time writer. He is known for writing sympathetic portrayals of the ordinary people of Sydney. Sadly all his books are currently out of print, presumably because they are not light and frothy but have a very serious intent. He died in 2022.

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Helen Daniel: Double Agent: David Ireland and His Work

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David Ireland
David Ireland
David Ireland


1964 Image in the Clay (drama)
1968 The Chantic Bird
1971 The Unknown Industrial Prisoner
1972 The Flesheaters
1974 Burn
1976 The Glass Canoe
1979 A Woman of the Future
1981 City of Women
1984 Archimedes and the Seagle
1987 Bloodfather
1997 The Chosen
2016 The World Repair Video Game