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Barry Oakley was born in Melbourne in 1931. He started writing at an early age but was unable to find a publisher. He mainly worked as an advertising copywriter after graduating from the University of Melbourne. He worked as literary editor of The Australian. His novels are manic and often poke fun at a variety of targets, including religion, suburbia and sport.

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Barry Oakley


1967 A Wild Ass of a Man (novel)
1968 A Lesson in English (drama)
1968 ‘Its a Chocolate World’
1970 Let’s Hear it for Prendergast (novel)
1970 A Salute to the Great McCarthy (novel)
1971 ‘Witzenhausen, Where Are You?’ (in Six One-act Plays, ed. Eunice Hangar)
1972 How They Caught Kevin Farrelly (children’s)
1975 Bedfellows (drama)
1975 A Letter from Hospital (children’s)
1975 The Feet of Daniel Mannix (drama)
1976 The Christian Brothers (drama)
1977 Walking Through Tigerland (short stories)
1979 The Ship’s Whistle (drama)
1980 The Great God Mogadon and Other Plays (includes ‘Witzenhausen. Where Are You?’, ‘The Hollow Tombola’, ‘Buck Privates’, ‘Eugene Flockhat’s Desk’, ‘Scanlan’)
1981 Marsupials, and Politics: Two Comedies
1985 Scribbling in the Dark (non-fiction)
1985 Beware of Imitations (drama)
1989 The Craziplane (novel)
2000 Minitudes: diaries 1974-1997 (novel)
2001 The House Under the Hill : A Brief History of Collits’ Inn
2002 Don’t Leave Me: The Natural History of Harry Eastaugh (novel)
2012 Music (drama)
2012 Mug Shots: A Memoir (memoir)