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Thea Astley was born in Brisbane in 1925 and attended the University of Queensland. She taught in various schools and at Macquarie University in Sydney. One of her key themes has been that of women, particularly in Australia, being seen as less important than men. While she gave up the church, Catholicism was a key influence on her work. Nevertheless, she wrote, as do many writers, from the point of view of the outsider or misfit. Her characters tried and often failed to establish themselves as individuals and to find their own identity. She died in 2004.

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1958 Girl with a Monkey (novel)
1960 A Descant for Gossips (novel)
1962 The Well Dressed Explorer (novel)
1965 The Slow Natives (novel)
1968 A Boat Load of Home Folk (novel)
1972 The Acolyte (novel)
1974 A Kindness Cup (novel)
1979 Hunting the Wild Pineapple (short stories)
1982 An Item from the Late News (novel)
1985 Beachmasters (novel)
1987 It’s Raining in Mango (novel)
1990 Reaching Tin River (novel)
1992 Vanishing Points (novel)
1994 Coda (novel)
1996 The Multiple Effects of Rainshadow (novel)
1997 Collected Stories (short stories)
1999 Drylands: a Book for the World’s Last Reader (novel)