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Tim Winton was born in Scarborough, Western Australia in 1960. He was educated at the Western Australia Institute of Technology but has been a full-time writer since his early twenties. As well as writing novels for adults, he has written two children’s novels. I write about small places; about people in small situations. If I get a grip on the geography, I can get a grip on the people… the people I responded to the most when I was discovering literature were the people who had their characters out in landscape.

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Michael McGirr: Tim Winton: The Writer and His Work

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Tim Winton
Tim Winton
Tim Winton


1981 An Open Swimmer (novel)
1984 Shallows (novel)
1985 Scission and Other Stories
1986 That Eye, the Sky (novel)
1987 Minimum of Two (short stories)
1988 In the Winter Dark (novel)
1988 Jesse (children’s)
1990 Lockie Leonard, Human Torpedo (children’s)
1991 The Bugalugs Bum Thief (children’s)
1991 Cloudstreet (novel)
1993 Lockie Leonard, Scumbuster (children’s)
1993 Land’s Edge (autobiographical reflections. Photographs, Trish Ainslie and Roger Garwood)
1993 Blood and Water: Stories
1993 Land’s Edge (non-fiction)
1994 Local Color: Travels in the Other Australia (non-fiction)
1994 The Riders (novel)
1995 Shallows (stories)
1995 The Collected Shorter Novels of Tim Winton
1997 Blueback (children’s)
1993 Lockie Leonard, Legend (children’s)
1998 The Deep (children’s)
1999 Down to Earth : Australian Landscapes (with Richard Woldendorp)
2001 Australian Colours : Images of the Outback (with Bill Bachman)
2001 Dirt Music (novel)
2005 The Turning: New Stories
2006 Small Mercies (story)
2008 Breath (novel)
2012 Rising Water (drama)
2013 Eyrie (novel)
2013 Signs of Life (drama)
2014 Blueback (children’s)
2016 The Boy Behind the Curtain (non-fiction)
2018 The Shepherd’s Hut (novel)
2020 Lockie Leonard, Human Torpedo (children’s)
2022 Three Plays
2022 Blueback (children’s)