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Books set in the UK by city/area

European & European-American (includes Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa – talk about geographically challenged)
Fiction & Mysteries Set in Europe
Margaret Drabble’s top 10 literary landscapes
Curious books set in the UK
The places where the story of Britain is told
On the home front (the book that best captures somewhere special on our shores)
Read the North West
Top 10 books set in the Midlands
100 Local-Interest Writers (South-Central England)
Local-Interest Literature Set In The Pre-Historic Era (South-Central England)
Bath in the arts
Fiction set in Bath (scroll down)
Crime series set in Birmingham (UK)
Arts in Birmingham – Literature
Made in Brighton
Books with Brighton settings
Ten of the best visits to Brighton in literature
Bristol Writing
Buckinghamshire Literary Map
Cambridge in literature and film
Writers with a Cambridge connection
University of Cambridge Literature and popular culture
List of fictional Cambridge colleges
Ten of the best trips to Canterbury
Books set in Cornwall
Cornwall Fiction
Culture of Cornwall Fiction
Cornish Library Book Room Fiction
Novels set in Cornwall
Resources for a Cornish Theme
Australian Titles with a Cornish Theme
Books from Overseas with a Cornish Theme
Cornish Historical Novels
Cotswolder Travel Guide – Writers from the Area (scroll down to bottom)
Books, fiction or non-fiction, that take place or deal with the Cotswolds area
Books Cumbria
Derbyshire in literature and popular culture
Dorset‘s writers and explorersExeter literature
The Fens – Setting in fiction
The Fens
Gloucestershire in popular culture
Fiction – Local Writers & Local Interest (Novels set in Liverpool and the North West OR written by local writers)
See also: Michael Murphy and Rees Jones: Writing Liverpool: Essays and Interviews
A Literary Tour of London
London in fiction
Books about, or set in, London?
Which Is The Best London Novel?
Books set in London
Big Smoke’s Top Five Fictional Londons
10 of the best books set in London
100 Must-Read Novels Set in London
A Literary Tour of London
10 (+) Books by Writers of African Origin Set in London
7 London Novels by Writers of Colour
List of London Underground-related fiction
Return of the East End novel
Destination: Whitechapel and Spitalfields
Lyme‘s Literary and Artistic Connections
Culture of Manchester Literature
Manchester Literature
Rainy City Stories (stories set in Manchester)
Literary Norfolk
The Secrets of Literary Norfolk
Literary Norfolk
The Norfolk Coast
Made in England: The Norfolk Blog
Literary Boroughs #18: Nottingham, UK
List of fiction set in Nottingham
Val McDermid’s top 10 Oxford novels
Oxford Novels
Oxford Literature and film
Literature in Oxford
Oxford in literature
Oxford in books and films
List of fictional Oxford colleges
List of fictional Oxbridge colleges
Rye Authors
Writers in Rye
Rye in literature
List of fiction set in Sheffield
Looking for a good book set in Sheffield!
Novels set in Sheffield
Shropshire Cultural references
Surrey Writers
Surrey in film and books
Famous writers with West Sussex connections
Whitby and literature
Yorkshire–books set there?
Authors and links from the Yorkshire Coast and surrounding area A-C
Authors and links from the Yorkshire Coast and surrounding area D-L
Authors and links from the Yorkshire Coast and surrounding area M-W
Novels set in Yorkshire


Welsh Writers (and novels set in Wales)
Aberystwyth Arts, Music & Media (scroll down to media)
Aberystwyth in Fiction


Historical fiction set in Scotland
Scottish Romance and Historical Fiction
Aberdeen Author and Aberdeenshire Authors Book
Book Reviews of Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire Books
Literary Edinburgh
Edinburgh in Popular Culture Books
10 of the best books set in Edinburgh
Edinburgh Reads
10 Edinburgh…Classic Books Set in the City
10 Edinburgh…Hidden Gem Books Set in the City
Shetland in literature