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Ellen Douglas is the pen name of Josephine Haxton née Ayres, who was born in Natchez, Mississippi in 1921. She attended school in Hope, Arkansas, Bill Clinton’s birthplace and went to Randolph-Macon Women’s College in Virginia. She then attended the University of Mississippi, where she met her future husband, Kenneth Haxton . While her novels have received some success, she has not been accorded the acclaim of her fellow Mississippian, Eudora Welty, which is a pity as she is as good a writer. Indeed, her Apostles of Light must rate as one of the finest American novels of the second half of the twentieth century. She died in 2012.

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Ellen Douglas
Ellen Douglas
Ellen Douglas
Ellen Douglas


1962 A Family’s Affairs
1968 Where the Dreams Cross
1973 Apostles of Light
1979 The Rock Cried Out
1982 A Lifetime Burning
1986 A Long Night
1987 The Magic Carpet and Other Tales
1988 Can’t Quit You, Baby
1989 Black Cloud, White Cloud
1998 Truth: Four Stories I Am Finally Old Enough To Tell
2004 Witnessing