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Joanna Scott was born in 1960 in Darien, Connecticut. When growing up she was a volunteer emergency medical technician. She took a B.A. from Trinity College, Hartford and an M.A. from Brown University. At Brown, one of her teachers was John Hawkes whom she cites as an influence. She taught creative writing at Brown as well as at other US universities. She is known for her novels with historical subjects. Not to be confused with Joanna Catherine Scott.

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1987 Fading, My Parmacheene Belle (novel)
1988 The Closest Possible Union (novel)
1990 Arrogance (novel)
1994 Various Antidotes (stories)
1996 The Manikin (novel)
2000 Make Believe (novel)
2002 Tourmaline (novel)
2005 Liberation (novel)
2006 Everybody Loves Somebody (stories)
2009 Follow Me (novel)
2014 De Potter’s Grand Tour (novel)
2017 Careers for Women (novel)
2019 Words of Truth (poetry)
2021 Excuse Me While I Disappear (stories)