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Julian Barnes was born in Leicester in 1946. He studied modern languages at Oxford University. He has worked as a lexicographer for the Oxford English Dictionary. He has spent most of his career writing very English novels, though with a postmodernist touch to them. He has also written four detective novels under the pseudonym Dan Kavanagh. His best work may be Flaubert’s Parrot, a fascinating biography-criticism-rambling on the great French writer, Gustave Flaubert. The other major literary influence on Barnes is Ford Madox Ford, who may be said to be the most Flaubertian English writer.

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1980 Metroland
1982 Before She Met Me
1984 Flaubert’s Parrot
1986 Staring at the Sun
1989 A History of the World in 10½ Chapters
1991 Talking It Over
1992 The Porcupine
1995 Letters From London
1996 Cross Channel
1998 England, England
2000 Love, etc
2004 Lemon Table
2005 Arthur & George
2008 Nothing to be Frightened Of (memoir)
2011 Pulse (stories)
2011 The Sense of an Ending (novel)
2012 Through the Window (essays/story)
2013 Levels of Life (memoir/story)
2015 Keeping an Eye Open (essays)
2016 The Noise of Time (novel)
2018 The Only Story (novel)
2019 The Man in the Red Coat (biography)
2022 Elizabeth Finch (novel)

As Dan Kavanagh

1980 Duffy
1981 Fiddle City
1985 Putting the Boot In
1987 Going to the Dogs