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Christina Stead was born in New South Wales, Australia in 1902 and was trained as a teacher. She subsequently travelled to London and Paris and then lived in Spain but she and her husband, William Blake, a novelist and political economist, left Spain when the war broke out and moved to the United States. Stead taught at New York University and worked in Hollywood. They left the US in 1947 because of McCarthyism. They finally settled in England till Blake’s death in 1968. Stead visited Australia in 1969 for the first time since she had left in 1928 and settled there in 1974, remaining there till her death in 1983. Her books faded from sight but some were revived, particularly by the English publisher, Virago while The Man Who Loved Children is now considered a modern classic.

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1934 The Salzburg Tales
1934 Seven Poor Men of Sydney
1936 The Beauties and Furies
1938 House of All Nations
1940 The Man Who Loved Children
1944 For Love Alone
1946 Letty Fox: Her Luck
1948 A Little Tea, a Little Chat
1952 The People with the Dogs
1955 Colour of Asia
1955 Great Stories of the South Sea Islands
1966 Cotters’ England (US: Dark Places of the Heart)
1967 The Puzzleheaded Girl: Four Novellas
1969 Australian Writers and Their Work
1973 The Little Hotel: a Novel
1976 Miss Herbert (the Suburban Wife)
1978 A Christina Stead Reader
1985 Ocean of Story: the Uncollected Stories of Christina Stead
1986 I’m Dying Laughing : the Humourist
1986 The Palace with Several Sides: a Sort of Love Story
1992 Talking into the Typewriter: Selected Letters, 1973-1983
1992 A Web of Friendship: Selected Letters, 1928-1973
1994 Christina Stead: Selected Fiction and Nonfiction
2006 Dearest Munx: The Letters of Christina Stead and William J. Blake