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Paleoanthropology Fiction
Prehistoric Fiction
Prehistoric Fiction
Novels Set in Prehistoric Times
That’s Auel Folks!: Pre-Historic Fiction
Prehistory – the literary dimension
Staff Picks – Archaeology – Fiction
Archeology – Fiction
Archaeology In Fiction Bibliography
Archaeological fiction
Historical Fiction: Ancient & Medieval World
Annabel Lyon’s top 10 books on the ancient world
Fiction (all genres) and Nonfiction about the Aztecs
King Tut Stars
Ancient Egypt in Fiction
Ancient Near East
Ancient Greece
Ancient Greece in Fiction
Fiction set in ancient Greece
Fiction set in Ancient Rome
Best Historical Fiction About Ancient Rome
Novels set in Ancient Rome
Roman History Reading Group: Fiction
Hail, Reader!: A Selection of Novels Set in Ancient Rome
Fictional Rome
Roman Fictions
Fiction set in the Roman empire
Historical fiction about Ancient Rome (in German and English)
Ancient Rome & the Byzantine Empire
A Guide to Byzantine Fiction
Novels set in Medieval Constantinople and Byzantium
Wars of the Roses Fiction
Historical fiction: The Wars of the Roses
Robin Hood Booklist (books about or featuring Robin Hood)
Robin Hood Booklist (books about or featuring Robin Hood)
Historical Novels: Medieval Europe
Favorite Medieval Fiction
Medieval Fiction
Medieval Fiction
Medieval Fiction
Some Examples of Medieval Fiction
Fiction Set in the Middle Ages
The Middle Ages
Medieval battles in fiction
Medieval and Renaissance historical fiction
Reformation and Renaissance Europe
Renaissance Fiction n into 17th Century
Historical Fiction: 16th century
Anne Boleyn in books
Mary Boleyn Depictions in fiction
Cultural depictions of Lady Jane Grey – in literature
Novels on the Life and Times of Queen Elizabeth I
The British Isles in Tudor and Elizabethan Times
Queen Elizabeth I Stars (novels featuring Elizabeth I)
Thirty Years War: Fiction
Novels set in the English Civil War
Historical Fiction: 17th century
Novels of the Seventeenth Century
Fiction set in Pepys‘ time
Historical Fiction: 16th-19th Century
Historical Fiction: Tales From The Age of Exploration
Historical Fiction: 18th century
Novels of the Eighteenth Century
Novels set in the eighteenth century
American Revolution in Fiction
Novels of the Napoleonic Era
Chris Hannan’s top 10 tales of the American frontier
Novels set in the French Revolution
British Empire in fiction
Novels set in the Eighteenth Century
Historical Fiction: 19th century

Crimean War, 1853-1856 — Fiction
Novels set in the American Civil War
Guide to Civil War Novels
Civil War Fiction
Civil War Fiction
Civil War
10 best novels about the US Civil War
The US Civil War
Ten noteworthy Civil War novels
Civil War Lit
Civil War in Literature
Civil War
Immigrant Experience
Matthew Kaminski selects his favorite novels about immigrants in America
The Immigrant Experience in Fiction
The Immigrant Experience
The Immigrant Experience Through Literature
Novels featuring Carlota, Empress of Mexico
Novels set in the Mexican Revolution/Civil War
Literature of the Spanish-American War
Novels Set in Europe from 1900 to Before World War I
Prose & Poetry (of the First World War)
Literature of World War I
Great War Fiction
The First World War in Canadian Literature
The Great War‘s Influence on Later Writers and on Contemporary Literature
Best Books on the AEF
Great Writings of The Great War
Why writers define the first world war
World War I Fiction
World War I
Highly Recommended Books On America at War and Fighting with The A.E.F in World War I
Trench Literature – Reading in World War I
Great War Dust Jackets
Doughboy Library Best Books On The AEF (AEF = American Expeditionary Force)
La guerra nella letteratura e nell’arte (in Italian)
Prohibition Booklist
Books From the Great Depression
Great Depression Literature: Bestselling Novels 1929-1939
The Great Depression
Fiction Set In 1930s America
Historical Fiction: 20th Century
Novels set in the Spanish Civil War
Nazi Holocaust
World War II
World War II Fiction
Five Best World War II Fiction
World War II: Fiction
World War II Novels
Novels of the Korean War
Fiction and Nonfiction related to the Atomic Age
Vietnam War Fiction Books
The Vietnam War: Fiction
Vietnam War
Viet Nam War Novels
A Bibliography of Australian Literary Responses to‘Asia’ (includes novels, poetry and plays)
Books set in the Nigerian Civil War (Biafran War)
Novels set in the 1970s
9/11 novels