Lists of authors and/or books by US state and writers from individual states

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Alabama Literature
Writers from Alabama
Alabama Authors
Alabama Authors and Their Works
Alabama > Fiction
Mobile, Alabama in popular culture
Famous Alabamians (includes writers)


Alaskan literature
17 Best Books Set in Alaska
Destination: Alaska
Alaska fiction
Some Books About Alaska
Alaska > Ficti0n
Alaska Mysteries
Alaska Historical Fiction
Famous Alaskans (includes two writers, one a Californian!)


Novels Set in Arizona
Destination: Arizona
Arizona Books
Arizona Mysteries
Writers from Arizona


Arkansas books
Arkansas Literature and Authors
Arkansas literature
Writers from Arkansas
Famous Arkansans (includes three writers)


Reading California Fiction
The Great California Novel
100 Must-Read California Books
California in fiction
Alta Readers Help Define California Canon
Reading California Fiction
California Historical Fiction
25 Books To Read If You’re California Dreamin’
Books set in Los Angeles
Your favorite alternative Los Angeles novels?
Novels set in Los Angeles
Literary Boroughs #13: Los Angeles, California
Poll: What’s your favorite book about Los Angeles?
100 Must-Read Books Set in Los Angeles
The Ultimate L.A. Bookshelf: 110 essential Los Angeles books
Jonathan Kellerman’s top 10 LA noir novels
Los Angeles Literature: Apocalypse, Redemption and Reality
List of Hollywood novels
Pasadena in Fiction – Novels Set in Pasadena
Novels set in San Francisco and the Bay Area
Literary Boroughs #9: Berkeley, California
Famous Californians (includes a few writers)
Novels set in San Diego
Books set in San Diego


Famous Coloradans (includes one writer!)
Writers from Colorado
Mystery Books that Take Place in Colorado
Books set In Colorado / New Mexico
Books, films set in Denver
Writing The Decent Denver Novel
Books set in Denver, Colorado


Books set in Connecticut
Great Books set in Connecticut
Connecticut in fiction
Writers from Connecticut
Mystery Books that Take Place in Connecticut
Famous Nutmeggers (includes one author!)


Fiction set in Delaware
Writers from Delaware
Famous Delawareans (includes three authors)

District of Columbia

Books set in the DC area
A great Washington, D.C. political thriller
Looking for fiction books set in Washington D.C
Washington D.C fiction
Building the Great D.C. Novel
Washington novels: A few uppity observations, plus a guide to D.C. fiction guides
Destination: Washington, D.C.
Mystery Books that Take Place in Washington, DC
Writers from Washington, D.C.
Literary Boroughs #11: Washington, D.C.


Florida Fiction
The Great Florida Novel
Florida Authors and Their Books
Writers from Florida
Famous Floridians (includes two writers)
Reading The Sunshine State
Tropical Stars Florida’s New Wave of Crime Writers
Miami (Fla.) > Fiction
Destination: Miami
Reading American cities: books about Miami


Georgia Authors
Notable Georgia Authors
African-American Authors of Georgia
Welcome to the Georgia Writers Hall of Fame!
Georgia Biography — Authors
Reading Suggestions for Books Set In Georgia
Recommendations for books about or set in Georgia
Famous Georgians (includes some writers)
Books set in Atlanta, Georgia
Literary Boroughs #16: Atlanta, Georgia
Savannah in Literature
Savannah Authors


Hawaiian literature
Looking for books set in Hawaii
Hawaii Books by Author
Hawaii Mysteries
Famous Hawaians (includes one author)
10 Of The Best Books Set In Hawai’I


Books set in Idaho
Idaho Science Fiction
Idaho Authors
Writers from Idaho
Tough Paradise: the Literature of Idaho and the Intermountain West
Famous Idahoans (includes one author)


Illinois Authors
Writers from Illinois
The Great Illinois Novel
Mystery Books that Take Place in Illinois
Illinois Mysteries
List of fiction set in Chicago
Top 40 Chicago Novels
Books Set in Chicago
Books Set in Chicago, Illinois
Books Set in Uptown Chicago
Best Chicago Novels by Neighborhood
Chicago Fiction
Chicago Literature</a
List of fiction set in Chicago
Chicago in Science Fiction
The great Chicago novels
Top 40 Chicago Novels
100 Must-Read Books in and about Chicago
The Lit 50 (influential Chicago book people)
Famous Illinoisans (includes authors)
The 10 Best 21st Century Chicago Novels


Indiana Authors and Their Books
Writers from Indiana
Books set in Indiana
Golden Age of Indiana Literature
Golden Age of Literature in Indiana
Indiana Mysteries
Books about Indianapolis and Indiana
Famous Hoosiers (includes writers)
Literary Boroughs #15: Indianapolis, IN
Books set in Stony Mill, Indiana


Writers from Iowa
The Iowa Authors Collection
Iowa: A Literary Landscape
Fiction with an Iowa City Setting
Fiction with an Iowa City Setting : An Updated Checklist
Iowa Authors on Iowa: A Sesquicentennial Reading List
Iowa Mysteries
Famous Iowans (includes one author)
Literary Boroughs #21: Iowa City, IA


Kansas writers
Kansas Literature
Kansas Literature
Authors and Writers from Kansas
Contemporary Kansas Authors
The Kansas Literary Renaissance: A List
Famous Kansans (includes a poet and a playwright)


Writers from Kentucky
Kentucky Literary Directory
Books Set in Kentucky
Novels set in Kentucky
Kentucky in Fiction–an Annotated Bibliography (1951 to 1980)
Famous Kentuckians (includes two authors)
Old Louisville and Literature
Louisville, Kentucky in fiction


A Sampling of Louisiana Authors
Writers from Louisiana
Destination: Louisiana
Book Set in Louisiana
Louisiana > Fiction
The Great Louisiana Novel
Buried on the Bayou: The Louisiana Mystery and Detective Page
Louisiana in Mystery, Detective and Law-Related Fiction
Louisiana Mysteries
Famous Louisianans (includes two writers)
Louisiana Movies
Novels set in New Orleans (includes links to other New Orleans lists)


Maine Writers Index
Writers from Maine
Maine Writers
Maine > Fiction
Fiction Set in Maine
Maine Literature
Famous Mainers (includes authors)
Bangor, Maine – Books and plays


Famous Marylanders (including authors)
Writers from Maryland
Best Authors In Maryland
Maryland at a Glance – Literature
Books about Maryland locations
Books Set in Maryland
Mystery Books that Take Place in Maryland
Baltimore in fiction
Books Set in Baltimore, Maryland
7 Great Books Set in Baltimore
Baltimore Authors List
Destination: Baltimore
Books about Annapolis & Anne Arundel County or set there, or by local authors
Books set on and around the Chesapeake Bay and its associated rivers, or of interest
Books about Maryland locations other than Chesapeake Bay and AACo, or set there, or by local authors
Books Set in St. Christopher, Maryland


Books Set in Massachusetts
Massachusetts Authors and Journalists
Writers from Massachusetts
Famous Bay Staters (includes authors)
Boston in fiction
Boston in books
Best Boston-related books
A Bibliography Of Boston Gay And Lesbian Writing
A Literary Map of Cambridge
Harvard in fiction and popular culture
Books and Films That Mention Worcester


Michigan Authors and Illustrators
List of Michigan writers
Writers from Michigan
Books set in Michigan
Books set in Michigan
The Great Michigan Novel
Mystery Books that Take Place in Michigan
Michigan (and Great Lakes) novels
Famous Michiganders (includes authors)
Books set in Detroit, Michigan
Detroit in literature
Recommend some good Detroit fiction
Books set in Ann Arbor, Michigan


Writers from Minnesota
Minnesota Literature
150 Best Minnesota Books
Great Minnesota Books
Mystery Books that Take Place in Minnesota
Famous Minnesotans (includes three authors)
Literary Boroughs #6: Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN


Books set in Mississippi
Mississippi Writers
Mississippi Writers
Writers from Mississippi
Mississippi Writers … Then and Now
The Internet Guide to Mississippi Writers
Famous Mississippians (includes authors)
Famous Mississippians (includes authors)
Murder with Southern Hospitality: An Exhibition of Mississippi Mysteries
Mississippi Mayhem (mystery writers)


Writers from Missouri
Missouri Authors Directory
Missouri Fiction
Missouri Authors for Adults
Missouri’s literary heritage
Famous Missourians (includes authors)
Books set in Kansas City, Missouri
From Mark Twain to Jonathan Franzen, St. Louis has been home to a surprising number of great writers
Books set in St. Louis, Missouri
Literary Boroughs #19: Kansas City, Missouri


Fiction Books Set in Montana
List of Fiction Books About Montana
Mysteries Written by Montana Authors
Famous Montanans (including authors)
Literary Boroughs #17: Great Falls, Montana


Nebraska Fiction
Noted Nebraska Authors
Destination: Nebraska
Famous Nebraska Authors: A Literary Tour of Nebraska
Nebraska writers
Writers from Nebraska
Famous Nebraskans
Literary Boroughs #3: Omaha, NE


Books set in Nevada
Nevada Mysteries
Nevada Noir
Literature Of Nuclear Nevada
Nevada Fantasy, Horror, And Science Fiction
Famous Nevadans (includes one author)
Books set in Las Vegas, Nevada
Casino Stories
Reno Divorce Colony Literature

New Hampshire

Books About New Hampshire
Writers from New Hampshire
New Hampshire Authors Database
Famous New Hampshirites – Artists, Writers and Musicians
Famous New Hampshirites (includes two authors)
Mysteries Set in the Dartmouth/Hanover Area
Literary Boroughs #2: Portsmouth, NH

New Jersey

Books set in New Jersey
New Jersey, One Book at a Time
New Jersey Fiction
Who Wrote the Great New Jersey Novel?
Who are New Jersey’s best authors and poets?
Writers from New Jersey
Famous New Jerseyites
Destination: Jersey Shore
Literary Boroughs #12: Verona, New Jersey

New Mexico

New Mexico Authors Page
Destination: New Mexico
Writers from New Mexico
Famous New Mexicans (including authors)
Books set In Colorado / New Mexico

New York

New York State Authors
A literary crawl of New York
New York City in fiction
Top 10 New York novels
The New York Canon: Books
25 Books That Tell You Everything You Need to Know About New York (all novels)
5 classic novels that beautifully explore the dark side of life in New York City
New York City fiction
Discover New York – Literature
The Great New York City Novel
The Great New York Novel?
The Greatest New York Novel
The Death and Life of Great New York Novels
New York in books
New York Mysteries
List of books set in New York City
Books set in New York
What are some great books that are set in New York City?
Ten Great New York City Novels
Mysteries set in NYC
100 Must-read New York city Novels
10 of the Best Books Set in New York
10 Awesome Books Set in New York City
New York City Novels
10 of the best books set in New York
List of fictional portrayals of the NYPD
Popular Set-In-New-York Books
Five Books of New York
The 25 best books set in or about New York
Top 9 New York City Stories
10 of the best books set in New York
Edmund White’s top 10 New York books
Looking for novels taking place in New York
Destination: Brooklyn
10 Iconic Brooklyn Books
Murder Most Suburban (has a list at the end of”mystery novels set in the suburbs of New York”)
125 essential Brooklyn books
Books Set In Spanish Harlem
Literary Boroughs #5: Brooklyn, NY
From Nabokov to Pynchon: Novel course explores Cornell’s rich literary legacy
Cornell Writers
Literary Boroughs #8: Buffalo, New York
Literary Boroughs #4: Ithaca, NY
Famous New Yorkers (includes authors)

North Carolina

The North Carolina Writers’ Network Literary Hall Of Fame
Writers from North Carolina
North Carolina Fiction 1901-1980
Read North Carolina Novels
Read North Carolina Novels
North Carolina in fiction
Books set in North Carolina
A Guide To Fiction Set In North Carolina
North Carolina Mysteries
Famous North Carolinians (includes three authors)
Literary Boroughs #10: Asheville, North Carolina
Fiction Set In Durham (scroll down)

North Dakota

Writers from North Dakota
Famous North Dakotans (includes writers)


Writers from Ohio
Ohio Fiction
Books set in Ohio
A River Runs Through It: Books About the Ohio River
Famous Ohioans (includes authors)
Books by Northeast Ohio Writers
Cincinnati: The City in Fiction
The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History – Literature
Fiction Set In Oxford, Ohio


Books Set in Oklahoma
Oklahoma Celebrities – Authors
Writers from Oklahoma
Oklahoma Mysteries
Ceelbrate Oklahoma
Famous Oklahomans (includes authors)


Oregon Authors
150 Oregon Books for the Oregon Sesquicentennial
Writers from Oregon
List of fiction set in Oregon
What Are Oregon’s Greatest Books?
Oregon > Fiction
Books set in Oregon
The Great Oregon Novel
Famous Oregonians (includes authors)
Novels Set in Portland, Oregon
Books Set in Portland


Literary Boroughs #7: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
List of fiction set in Pittsburgh
Writers from Pittsburgh
Books set in Philadelphia
Writers from Philadelphia
Books set in Philadelphia, PA, US
25 novels use Western Pennsylvania as a setting in 2009
Famous Pennsylvanians (includes authors)

Rhode Island

Books set in Rhode Island
Writers from Rhode Island
Rhode Island in the Limelight: Literature
Famous Rhode Islanders (includes two authors)

South Carolina

Writers from South Carolina
Books Set in South Carolina
South Carolina > Fiction
Mystery Books that Take Place in South Carolina
Famous South Carolinians (includes one author)
Fiction Set in Charleston
<Books set in Charleston and / or surrounding area?

South Dakota

Books set in South Dakota
South Dakota Book Bag
Writers from South Dakota
Famous South Dakotans (includes one author)


Books set in Tennessee
Tennessee Writers
Writers from Tennessee
Tennessee Literature
Famous Tennesseans (includes one author)
Novels set in Nashville
Books that take place in Knoxville/East Tennessee?


Books Set In Texas
The Handbook of Texas Online – Literature
Texas Historical Literature
Texas > Fiction
The Great Texas Novel
The Great Texas Novel 2
Texas Novels
Writers from Texas
Murder in the Lone Star State
Texas Mysteries: Wrangle Up a Good Read
Austin Writers and Authors
Galveston Bound (novels set on Galveston Island)
Novels set in the Houston area
Travel by Novel: San Antonio
Literary Boroughs #20: Denton, TX
Colorado County Bibliography
Destination: West Texas
Famous Texans (includes one Texan)


Books set in Utah
Books by Utah Authors
Fiction set in Utah
Writers from Utah
SF/F with Utah references, but without explicit mention of Latter-day Saints
Famous Utahns (includes one author)


Writers from Vermont
Books set in Vermont
Famous Vermonters (including authors)
Famous Vermonters Part II (including authors)
Vermont In Speculative fiction
Mysteries Books that Take Place in Vermont…
Famous Vermonters (includes one author)
Literary Boroughs #14: Montpelier, Vermont


Novels set in Virginia
Books set in Virginia
Writers from Virginia
Modern Fiction
Mystery Books that Take Place in Virginia
Famous Virginians (includes one author)
Literary Boroughs #25: Richmond, Virginia


Washington (State) > Fiction
Books: Washington State Fact & Fiction
Whodunit in Washington State
Writing in the Rain (Getting your feet wet in the literary landscape of Washington State)
Famous Washingtonians (includes two authors)
Books set in Seattle, Washington
Seattle Fiction

West Virginia

A Century of West Virginia Authors
Writers from West Virginia
West Virginia Authors
Authors with West Virginia Connections
Yes, We Have Authors: Reclaiming Our Multicultural Literary History; A Brief Overview of Selected Genres And Authors
Selected Achievements of African-American Authors of West Virginia
Famous West Virginians (includes one author)


Wisconsin Fiction Authors
Wisconsin Author Review
Wisconsin Novelists
Writers from Wisconsin
Books set in Wisconsin
Famous Wisconsinites (includes authors)
Literary Boroughs #22: Madison, WI


Books set in Wyoming
Writers from Wyoming
Destination: Wyoming
Wyoming Mysteries
Famous Wyomingites (includes one author)


The Literary United States: A Map of the Best Book for Every State
An American Road Trip ‘Playlist’ of Books
#UnitedStatesOfBooks: New Penguin Random House Social Campaign Celebrates America’s Literary Spirit and Local History Across 50 States
Mysteries set in every US state
Our favorite books from every U.S. state
The Best Books Based in Every State
The Most Famous Book Set in Each State
A Novel For Every State In The U.S.A
The Most Famous Book Set In Every State
100 Books Across America: Fiction and Nonfiction for Every State in the Union
What’s The Scariest Book Set In Your State? Here Are All 50 Answers
US Regional Mysteries
100 Essential New England Books
Destination: New England
Appalachian Working-Class Fiction
Midwestern Urban Fiction
10 of the Best Books Set in the Midwest
Southern Accent
Heart of the Southwest: A Selective Bibliography of Novels, Stories and Tales Laid in Arizona and New Mexico & Adjacent Lands
40 Books Set in the Pacific Northwest
Books set in Alaska or Pacific Northwest
and Alaska (excluding the Arctic), and who write about those regions.)
Quirky Characters in Regional Settings
A State-By-State Survey Of Literary Masterpieces
50 States, 50 Love Stories
Which books are most representative of each city? (nominally worldwide but a strong US bias)
United we read: Writer roams a fractured nation with 52 books (or more) in 52 weeks
50 Books For 50 States: A Literary Road Trip Across The USA
A map of 1,001 novels to show us where to find the real America