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Books reviewed in chronological order – Before 1910


Joseph Conrad: Almayer’s Folly


Joseph Conrad: An Outcast of the Islands


Joseph Conrad: The Nigger of the Narcissus (US: Children of the Sea)


Italo Svevo: Senilità (As a Man Grows Older)


Kate Chopin: The Awakening
Joseph Conrad: Heart of Darkness
Narcís Oller, : La bogeria (The Madness)


Colette: Claudine à l’école (Claudine at School)
Joseph Conrad: Lord Jim
Jiří Karásek ze Lvovic: Gotická duše (Gothic Soul)
Theodore Dreiser: Sister Carrie


Colette: Claudine à Paris (UK: Claudine in Paris; US: Young Lady of Paris)
Joseph Conrad and Ford Madox Ford: The Inheritors
Thomas Mann: Buddenbrooks (Buddenbrooks)


Andrei Bely: Драматическая Симфония (The Dramatic Symphony) (1st Symphony)
Arnold Bennett: Anna of the Five Towns
Colette: Claudine en ménage (The Indulgent Husband)
Euclides da Cunha: Os Sertões (Rebellion in the Backlands; later: Backlands: The Canudos Campaign)
André Gide: L’immoraliste (The Immoralist)
Ellen Glasgow: The Battle-Ground
Graça Aranha: Canaã (Canaan)


Colette: Claudine s’en va (US: The Innocent Wife; UK: Claudine and Annie)
Joseph Conrad and Ford Madox Ford: Romance
Grazia Deledda: Elias Portolu (Elias Portolu)


Andrei Bely: Северная симфония (Northern Symphony) (2nd Symphony)
Ivan Cankar: Hiša Marije Pomočnice (The Ward of Our Lady of Mercy)
Joseph Conrad: Nostromo
Luigi Pirandello: Il fu Mattia Pascal (The Late Mattia Pascal)
Frederick Rolfe (Baron Corvo): Hadrian The Seventh

Andrei Bely: Возврат (Return) (3rd Symphony)
Víctor Català: Solitud (Solitude)
E. M. Forster: Where Angels Fear to Tread
Aleksandr Kuprin: Поединок (The Duel)
Hjalmar Söderberg: Doktor Glas (Doctor Glas)
Edith Wharton: The House of Mirth

Sibila Aleramo: Una donna (A Woman at Bay; later: A Woman)
Ford Madox Ford: The Fifth Queen and How She Came to Court
Upton Sinclair: The Jungle


Mikhail Artsybashev: Санин (Sanine)
Joseph Conrad: The Secret Agent
Ford Madox Ford: Privy Seal
E. M. Forster: The Longest Journey
Sasha Sokolov: Мелкий бес (The Petty Demon)
Robert Walser: Geschwister Tanner (The Tanners)


Andrei Bely: Кубок метелей (Goblet of Blizzards) (4th Symphony)
Arnold Bennett: The Old Wives’ Tale
Ford Madox Ford: The Fifth Queen Crowned
E. M. Forster: A Room with a View
Robert Walser: Der Gehülfe (The Assistant)


Andrei Bely: Серебряный голубь (The Silver Dove)
André Gide: La porte étroite (Strait is the Gate)
Aleksandr Kuprin: Яма (Yama: The Pit; The Pit)
Thomas Mann: Königliche Hoheit (Royal Highness)
Robert Walser: Jakob von Gunten (Jakob von Gunten)

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