Modern US literature chronological order

Date Author Book
1899 Kate Chopin The Awakening
1899 Ernest Hemingway born
1899 Janet Lewis born
1899 Vladimir Nabokov born
1899 Allen Tate born
1900 Stephen Crane died
1900 Theodore Dreiser Sister Carrie
1900 Margaret Mitchell born
1900 Thomas Wolfe born
1901 Frank Norris The Octopus
1901 Glenway Wescott born
1902 Arna Bontemps born
1902 Erskine Caldwell born
1902 Langston Hughes born
1902 Henry James The Wings of the Dove
1902 William James Varieties of Religious Experience
1902 Frank Waters born
1902 John Steinbeck born
1902 Andrew Lytle born
1902 Owen Wister The Virginian
1903 Kay Boyle born
1903 Frank Norris The Pit
1903 Henry James The Ambassadors
1903 Helen Keller The Story of My Life
1903 Jack London Call of the Wild
1903 Nathanael West born
1904 Henry Adams Mount St. Michel and Chartres
1904 Kate Chopin died
1904 Clifford Dowdey born
1904 James T Farrell born
1904 Henry James The Golden Bowl
1905 Thomas Dixon, Jr. The Clansman
1905 Robert Penn Warren born
1906 Clifford Odets born
1905 Edith Wharton The House of Mirth
1906 Henry Roth born
1906 Upton Sinclair The Jungle
1907 Henry Adams The Education of Henry Adams
1908 Harriette Arnow born
1908 Joel Chandler died
1908 William Saroyan born
1908 Richard Wright born
1909 James Agee born
1909 Nelson Algren born
1909 Walter Van Tilburg Clark born
1909 Sarah Orne Jewett died
1909 Eudora Welty born
1910 Jane Addams Twenty Years at Hull House
1910 Paul Bowles born
1910 O. Henry died
1910 William James died
1910 Wright Morris born
1910 Ezra Pound Ripostes
1910 Mark Twain died
1911 Elizabeth Bishop born
1911 Hortense Calisher born
1911 Theodore Dreiser Jennie Gerhardt
1911 Edith Wharton Ethan Frome
1911 Tennessee Williams born
1912 Edgar Rice Burroughs Tarzan of the Apes
1912 Zane Grey Riders of the Purple Sage
1912 Mary McCarthy born
1912 Edith Wharton The Reef
1913 Willa Cather O Pioneers!
1913 John Cheever born
1913 Ellen Glasgow Virginia
1913 Delmore Schwartz born
1913 Edith Wharton The Custom of the Country
1914 John Berryman born
1914 William Burroughs born
1914 Ralph Ellison born
1914 John Hersey born
1914 Randall Jarrell born
1914 Bernard Malamud born
1915 Saul Bellow born
1915 Van Wyck Brooks America’s Coming of Age
1915 Willa Cather Song of the Lark
1915 William Goyen born
1915 Edgar Lee Masters Spoon River Anthology
1915 Arthur Miller born
1915 Thomas Savage born
1915 Jean Stafford born
1916 Ellen Glasgow Life and Gabriella
1916 John Horne Burns born
1916 Shirley Jackson born
1916 Henry James died
1916 Walker Percy born
1917 Jane Bowles born
1917 T. S. Eliot Prufrock and Other Observations
1917 Jack London died
1917 Carson McCullers born
1917 Edna St. Vincent Millay Renascence and Other Poems
1917 Robert Lowell born
1917 Edith Wharton Summer
1918 Henry Adams died
1918 Willa Cather My Ántonia
1918 Booth Tarkington The Magnificent Ambersons
1919 Sherwood Anderson Winesburg, Ohio
1919 Sherwood Anderson Dark Laughter
1919 Henry Blake Fuller Bertram Cope’s Year
1919 Lawrence Ferlinghetti born
1919 John Reed Ten Days that Shook the World
1919 J. D. Salinger born
1920 Charles Bukowski born
1920 F. Scott Fitzgerald This Side of Paradise
1920 William Dean Howells died
1920 Sinclair Lewis Main Street
1920 Eugene O’Neill Anna Christie
1920 Eugene O’Neill The Emperor Jones
1920 Ezra Pound Hugh Selwyn Mauberley
1920 Edna St. Vincent Millay A Few Figs From Thistles
1920 Edith Wharton The Age of Innocence
1921 Ellen Douglas born
1921 James Jones born
1921 Marianne Moore Poems
1922 Willa Cather One of Ours
1922 e e cummings The Enormous Room
1922 T. S. Eliot The Waste Land
1922 F. Scott Fitzgerald The Beautiful and Damned
1922 F. Scott Fitzgerald Tales of the Jazz Age
1922 William Gaddis born
1922 Jack Kerouac born
1922 Sinclair Lewis Babbitt
1922 Kurt Vonnegut born
1922 John Williams born
1923 Louise Bogan Body of this Death
1923 Willa Cather A Lost Lady
1923 James Dickey born
1923 Robert Frost New Hampshire
1923 Joseph Heller born
1923 Norman Mailer born
1923 James Purdy born
1923 Jean Toomer Cane
1923 William Carlos Williams Spring and All
1924 James Baldwin born
1924 Thomas Berger born
1924 Truman Capote born
1924 Evan S. Connell born
1924 William H. Gass born
1924 Herman Melville Billy Budd
1924 Eugene O’Neill Desire Under the Elms
1924 Mark Twain Autobiography
1925 Willa Cather The Professor’s House
1925 John Dos Passos Manhattan Transfer
1925 Theodore Dreiser An American Tragedy
1925 T. S. Eliot The Hollow Men
1925 Warren Eyster born
1925 F. Scott Fitzgerald The Great Gatsby
1925 Ellen Glasgow Barren Ground
1925 John Hawkes born
1925 Anita Loos Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
1925 Flannery O’Connor born
1925 James Salter born
1925 Gertrude Stein The Making of Americans
1925 William Styron born
1925 Gore Vidal born
1925 Edith Wharton The Mother’s Recompense
1926 Alice Adams born
1926 Robert Creeley born
1926 J. P. Donleavy born
1926 William Faulkner Soldier’s Pay
1926 Allen Ginsberg born
1926 Ellen Glasgow The Romantic Comedians
1926 Ernest Hemingway The Sun Also Rises (UK: Fiesta)
1926 Langston Hughes The Weary Blues
1926 H L Humes born
1926 Harper Lee born
1926 Alison Lurie born
1926 James Merrill born
1926 Richard Yates born
1927 Willa Cather Death Comes for the Archbishop
1927 William Faulkner Mosquitoes
1927 Sinclair Lewis Elmer Gantry
1927 David Markson born
1927 Thornton Wilder The Bridge of San Luis Rey
1928 Edward Albee born
1928 Maya Angelou born
1928 Stephen Vincent Benét John Brown’s Body
1928 Philip K. Dick born
1928 Raymond Federman born
1928 William Kennedy born
1928 Vladimir Nabokov Король, дама, валет (King, Queen, Knave)
1929 William Faulkner The Sound and the Fury
1929 Henry Blake Fuller died
1929 George Garrett born
1929 Ellen Glasgow They Stooped To Folly
1929 Ernest Hemingway A Farewell to Arms
1929 Ursula K. Le Guin born
1929 Sinclair Lewis Dodsworth
1929 Adrienne Rich born
1929 R.G. Vliet born
1929 Thomas Wolfe Look Homeward, Angel
1930 Harold Brodkey born
1930 Gregory Corso born
1930 John Dos Passos U.S.A. (The 42nd Parallel)
1930 Stanley Elkin born
1930 William Faulkner As I Lay Dying
1930 Robert Frost Collected Poems
1930 Langston Hughes Not Without Laughter
1930 Harry Mathews born
1930 Joseph McElroy born
1930 Vladimir Nabokov Защита Лужина (The Luzhin Defense; The Defense)
1930 Katherine Anne Porter Flowering Judas
1931 Walter Abish born
1931 Donald Barthelme born
1931 Pearl S. Buck The Good Earth
1931 Willa Cather Shadows on the Rock
1931 E. L. Doctorow born
1931 William Faulkner Sanctuary
1931 Caroline Gordon Penhally
1931 Toni Morrison born
1931 Eugene O’Neill Mourning Becomes Electra
1931 Nathanael West The Dream Life of Balso Snell
1931 Edmund Wilson Axel’s Castle
1931 Austin Tappan Wright died
1932 Erskine Caldwell Tobacco Road
1932 Robert Coover born
1932 John Dos Passos U.S.A. (Nineteen Nineteen)
1932 James T Farrell Young Lonigan (Part 1 of Studs Lonigan Trilogy)
1932 William Faulkner Light in August
1932 Ellen Glasgow The Sheltered Life
1932 Sylvia Plath born
1932 John Updike born
1933 Jerzy Kosinski born
1933 Ring Lardner died
1933 Cormac McCarthy born
1933 Richard Marius born
1933 Vladimir Nabokov Камера Обскура (Camera Obscura; Laughter in the Dark)
1933 Eugene O’Neill Ah, Wilderness!
1933 Reynolds Price born
1933 Philip Roth born
1933 Norman Rush born
1933 Stephen Schneck born
1933 Susan Sontag born
1933 Gertrude Stein The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas
1933 Nathanael West Miss Lonelyhearts
1933 Edward Whittemore born
1934 Wendell Berry born
1934 James M. Cain The Postman Always Rings Twice
1934 Joan Didion born
1934 James T Farrell The Young Manhood of Studs Lonigan (Part 2 of Studs Lonigan Trilogy)
1934 F. Scott Fitzgerald Tender Is the Night
1934 Waldo Frank The Death and Birth of David Markand
1934 Caroline Gordon Aleck Maury, Sportsman
1934 Langston Hughes The Ways of White Folks
1934 N. Scott Momaday born
1934 Henry Roth Call It Sleep
1934 Nathanael West A Cool Million
1935 Willa Cather Lucy Gayheart
1935 Humphrey Cobb Paths of Glory
1935 T. S. Eliot Murder in the Cathedral
1935 James T Farrell Judgment Day (Part 3 of Studs Lonigan Trilogy)
1935 William Faulkner Pylon
1935 Charlotte Perkins Gilman died
1935 Ellen Glasgow Vein of Iron
1935 Ken Kesey born
1935 Clifford Odets Waiting for Lefty
1935 E. Annie Proulx born
1935 William Saroyan The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze
1935 John Steinbeck Tortilla Flat
1935 Theodore Weesner born
1935 Thomas Wolfe Of Time and the River
1936 Djuna Barnes Nightwood
1936 Stephen Vincent Benét The Devil and Daniel Webster
1936 Arna Bontemps Black Thunder
1936 Fred Chappell born
1936 Don DeLillo born
1936 John Dos Passos U.S.A. (The Big Money)
1936 William Faulkner Absalom, Absalom!
1936 Clarence Major born
1936 Margaret Mitchell Gone with the Wind
1936 Vladimir Nabokov Отчаяние (Despair)
1937 Leon Forrest born
1937 Caroline Gordon None Shall Look Back
1937 Ernest Hemingway To Have and Have Not
1937 Zora Neale Hurston Their Eyes Were Watching God
1937 H. P. Lovecraft died
1937 William Melvin Kelley born
1937 Thomas Pynchon probably born
1937 John Steinbeck Of Mice and Men
1937 Robert Stone born
1937 John Kennedy Toole born
1937 Gordon Weaver born
1937 Edith Wharton died
1937 Rudolph Wurlitzer born
1938 William Faulkner The Unvanquished
1938 Vladimir Nabokov Дар (The Gift)
1938 Vladimir Nabokov Приглашение на казнь (Invitation to a Beheading)
1938 Joyce Carol Oates born
1938 Allen Tate The Fathers
1938 Thornton Wilder Our Town
1938 Thomas Wolfe died
1939 Toni Cade Bambara born
1939 Raymond Chandler The Big Sleep
1939 T. S. Eliot The Family Reunion
1939 T. S. Eliot Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats
1939 William Faulkner The Wild Palms
1939 Zane Grey died
1939 Paula Gunn Allen born
1939 Thomas McGuane born
1939 Lewis Nordan born
1939 John Steinbeck The Grapes of Wrath
1939 Nathanael West The Day of the Locust
1940 Kay Boyle The Crazy Hunter
1940 Willa Cather Sapphira and the Slave Girl
1940 Walter Van Tilburg Clark The Ox-Bow Incident
1940 William Faulkner The Hamlet
1940 F. Scott Fitzgerald died
1940 Ernest Hemingway For Whom the Bell Tolls
1940 Carson McCullers The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter
1940 Eugene O’Neill The Iceman Cometh
1940 Glenway Wescott The Pilgrim Hawk
1940 Nathanael West died
1940 Edmund White born
1940 Richard Wright Native Son
1941 James Agee Let Us Now Praise Famous Men
1941 Sherwood Anderson died
1941 F. Scott Fitzgerald The Last Tycoon
1941 Janet Lewis The Wife of Martin Guerre
1941 H. P. Lovecraft The Case of Charles Dexter Ward
1941 Andrew Lytle At the Moon’s Inn
1941 Carson McCullers Reflections in a Golden Eye
1941 Vladimir Nabokov The Real Life of Sebastian Knight
1941 Eugene O’Neill Long Day’s Journey into Night
1941 Anne Tyler born
1942 William Faulkner Go Down, Moses
1942 Barry Hannah born
1942 John Irving born
1942 Dawn Powell A Time to Be Born
1942 Frank Waters The Man Who Killed the Deer
1942 Eudora Welty Robber Bridegroom
1942 Thornton Wilder The Skin of Our Teeth
1942 Austin Tappan Wright Islandia
1943 Stephen Vincent Benét died
1943 Jane Bowles Two Serious Ladies
1943 Nikki Giovanni born
1943 Thomas McMahon born
1943 Sue Miller born
1943 Marilynne Robinson born
1943 William Saroyan The Human Comedy
1943 Betty Smith A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
1944 Saul Bellow Dangling Man
1944 Richard Ford born
1944 Caroline Gordon The Women on the Porch
1944 John Hersey A Bell for Adano
1944 Jean Stafford Boston Adventure
1944 Alice Walker born
1944 Tennessee Williams The Glass Menagerie
1945 Annie Dillard born
1945 Michael Dorris born
1945 Theodore Dreiser died
1945 T. S. Eliot Four Quartets
1945 Ellen Glasgow died
1945 Karl Marlantes born
1945 John Steinbeck Cannery Row
1946 Elizabeth Bishop North & South
1946 Isabel Bolton Do I Wake or Sleep
1946 Kathryn Davis born
1946 F. Scott Fitzgerald The Diamond as Big as the Ritz and Other Stories
1946 Robert Lowell Lord Weary’s Castle
1946 Carson McCullers The Member of the Wedding
1946 Tim O’Brien born
1946 Gertrude Stein died
1946 Booth Tarkington died
1946 Gore Vidal Williwaw
1946 Robert Penn Warren All the King’s Men
1946 Eudora Welty Delta Wedding
1946 William Carlos Williams Paterson
1947 Kathy Acker born
1947 Paul Auster born
1947 Richard Bausch born
1947 Charles Baxter born
1947 Ann Beattie born
1947 Saul Bellow The Victim
1947 John Horne Burns The Gallery
1947 Willa Cather died
1947 Tim Gautreaux born
1947 Vladimir Nabokov Bend Sinister
1947 Jean Stafford The Mountain Lion
1947 Tennessee Williams A Streetcar Named Desire
1948 John Calvin Batchelor born
1948 T C Boyle born
1948 Jay Cantor born
1948 John Dufresne born
1948 William Faulkner Intruder in the Dust
1948 Norman Mailer The Naked and the Dead
1948 Wright Morris The Home Place
1948 Ezra Pound The Pisan Cantos
1948 Dawn Powell The Locusts Have No King
1948 Ntozake Shange born
1948 Leslie Marmon Silko born
1948 Gore Vidal The City and the Pillar
1948 Thornton Wilder Ides of March
1949 Nelson Algren The Man with the Golden Arm
1949 Isabel Bolton The Christmas Tree
1949 Paul Bowles The Sheltering Sky
1949 T. S. Eliot The Cocktail Party
1949 John Hawkes The Cannibal
1949 Denis Johnson born
1949 Arthur Miller Death of a Salesman
1949 Margaret Mitchell died
1949 Wright Morris The World in the Attic
1949 Richard Russo born
1950 Edgar Rice Burroughs died
1950 T S Eliot The Cocktail Party
1950 Charles Frazier born
1950 William Goyen The House of Breath
1950 Edgar Lee Masters died
1950 Edna St. Vincent Millay died
1951 William Faulkner Requiem for a Nun
1951 John Hawkes The Beetle Leg
1951 James Jones From Here to Eternity
1951 Sinclair Lewis died
1951 Norman Mailer Barbary Shore
1951 Carson McCullers The Ballad of the Sad Café
1951 Bradford Morrow born
1951 J. D. Salinger The Catcher in the Rye
1951 William Styron Lie Down in Darkness
1952 Isabel Bolton Many Mansions
1952 Michael Cunningham born
1952 Ralph Ellison Invisible Man
1952 Ernest Hemingway Old Man and the Sea
1952 Bernard Malamud The Natural
1952 Wright Morris The Works of Love
1952 Flannery O’Connor Wise Blood
1952 Jayne Anne Phillips born
1952 John Steinbeck East of Eden
1952 Richard Wright died
1953 James Baldwin Go Tell it on the Mountain
1953 Saul Bellow The Adventures of Augie March
1953 John Horne Burns died
1953 Arthur Miller The Crucible
1953 Eugene O’Neill died
1954 Harriette Arnow The Dollmaker
1954 Susan Daitch born
1954 Louise Erdrich born
1954 Randall Jarrell Pictures from an Institution
1954 Dawn Powell The Wicked Pavilion
1955 James Baldwin Notes of a Native Son
1955 James Agee died
1955 James Baldwin Notes of a Native Son
1955 J. P. Donleavy The Ginger Man
1955 William Gaddis The Recognitions
1955 Siri Hustvedt born
1955 Barbara Kingsolver born
1955 Norman Mailer Deer Park
1955 Arthur Miller A View from the Bridge
1955 Vladimir Nabokov Lolita
1955 Flannery O’Connor A Good Man Is Hard to Find
1955 Tennessee Williams Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
1956 James Baldwin Giovanni’s Room
1956 Saul Bellow Seize the Day
1956 Allen Ginsberg Howl and Other Poems
1956 Caroline Gordon The Malefactors
1956 David Guterson born
1956 Mark Leyner born
1956 Susan Minot born
1956 Ruth Ozeki born
1956 T. R. Pearson born
1957 James Agee A Death in the Family
1957 Nicholson Baker born
1957 Madison Smartt Bell born
1957 John Cheever The Wapshot Chronicle
1957 Warren Eyster The Goblins of Eros
1957 William Faulkner The Town
1957 H L Humes The Underground City
1957 Jack Kerouac On The Road
1957 Andrew Lytle The Velvet Horn
1957 Bernard Malamud The Assistant
1957 Lorrie Moore born
1957 Vladimir Nabokov Pnin
1957 Richard Powers born
1958 Truman Capote Breakfast at Tiffany’s
1958 Evan S. Connell Mrs. Bridge
1958 Lawrence Ferlinghetti A Coney Island of the Mind
1958 Tennessee Williams Suddenly, Last Summer
1959 Saul Bellow Henderson the Rain King
1959 William Burroughs Naked Lunch
1959 Raymond Chandler died
1959 William Faulkner The Mansion
1959 Jonathan Franzen born
1959 George Garrett The Finished Man
1959 H L Humes Men Die
1959 Shirley Jackson The Haunting of Hill House
1959 Grace Paley The Little Disturbances of Man
1959 James Purdy Malcolm
1959 William T. Vollmann born
1959 Tennessee Williams Sweet Bird of Youth
1960 Kay Boyle Generation without Farewell
1960 Wendell Berry Nathan Coulter
1960 Allen Drury Advise and Consent
1960 Zora Neale Hurston died
1960 Harper Lee To Kill a Mockingbird
1960 Wright Morris Ceremony in Lone Tree
1960 Flannery O’Connor The Violent Bear It Away
1960 Sylvia Plath The Colossus
1960 James Purdy The Nephew
1960 Joanna Scott born
1960 William Styron Set This House on Fire
1960 John Updike Rabbit, Run
1961 Philip K. Dick The Man in the High Castle
1961 Hilda “H.D.” Doolittle died
1961 Allen Ginsberg Kaddish and Other Poems
1961 John Hawkes The Lime Twig
1961 Joseph Heller Catch-22
1961 Ernest Hemingway died
1961 A. M. Homes born
1961 Bernard Malamud A New Life
1961 Carson McCullers Clock Without Hands
1961 Lewis Mumford The City in History
1961 Walker Percy The Moviegoer
1961 Tennessee Williams The Night of the Iguana
1961 Richard Yates Revolutionary Road
1962 Edward Albee Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
1962 James Baldwin Another Country
1962 Rachel Carson Silent Spring
1962 e e cummings died
1962 Ellen Douglas A Family’s Affairs
1962 Jennifer Egan born
1962 William Faulkner The Reivers
1962 William Faulkner died
1962 Robinson Jeffers died
1962 William Melvin Kelley A Different Drummer
1962 Ken Kesey One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
1962 Vladimir Nabokov Pale Fire
1962 Katherine Anne Porter Ship of Fools
1962 Dawn Powell The Golden Spur
1962 Reynolds Price A Long and Happy Life
1962 David Foster Wallace born
1963 Robert Creeley The Island
1963 Joan Didion Run River
1963 Robert Frost died
1963 Mary McCarthy The Group
1963 Clifford Odets died
1963 Ann Patchett born
1963 Sylvia Plath The Bell Jar
1963 Sylvia Plath died
1963 Thomas Pynchon V
1963 Susan Sontag The Benefactor
1963 Donna Tartt born
1963 William Carlos Williams died
1964 Saul Bellow Herzog
1964 Thomas Berger Little Big Man
1964 John Berryman 77 Dream Songs
1964 William Burroughs Nova Express
1964 Michael Chabon born
1964 Philip K. Dick The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch
1964 Bret Easton Ellis born
1964 John Hawkes Second Skin
1964 Ken Kesey Sometimes a Great Notion
1964 Robert Lowell For the Union Dead
1964 Joyce Carol Oates With Shuddering Fall
1964 Flannery O’Connor died
1964 James Purdy Cabot Wright Begins
1965 Truman Capote In Cold Blood
1965 James Dickey Buckdancer’s Choice: Poems
1965 T S Eliot died
1965 George Garrett Do, Lord, Remember Me
1965 Shirley Jackson died
1965 Randall Jarrell died
1965 Jerzy Kosinski The Painted Bird
1965 Norman Mailer An American Dream
1965 Cormac McCarthy The Orchard Keeper
1965 Stephen Schneck The Nightclerk
1965 Kurt Vonnegut God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater
1965 John Williams Stoner
1966 Sherman Alexie born
1966 Robert Coover The Origin of the Brunists
1966 Mark Danielewski born
1966 William H. Gass Omensetter’s Luck
1966 Harry Mathews Tlooth
1966 Joseph McElroy A Smuggler’s Bible
1966 Thomas Pynchon The Crying of Lot 49
1966 Delmore Schwartz died
1966 Walker Percy The Last Gentleman
1967 Donald Barthelme Snow White
1967 Waldo Frank died
1967 Nikki Giovanni Black Feeling, Black Talk
1967 Langston Hughes died
1967 Jonathan Littell born
1967 Norman Mailer Why Are We in Vietnam?
1967 Joyce Carol Oates A Garden of Earthly Delights
1967 Dorothy Parker died
1967 James Purdy Eustace Chisholm and the Works
1967 James Salter A Sport and a Pastime
1967 Carl Sandburg died
1967 Thomas Savage The Power of the Dog
1967 Susan Sontag Death Kit
1967 Robert Stone A Hall of Mirrors
1967 William Styron The Confessions of Nat Turner
1967 Michael Thomas born
1967 Jean Toomer died
1967 Gore Vidal Washington, D.C.
1968 Louise Bogan The Blue Estuaries: Poems 1923-1968
1968 Robert Coover The Universal Baseball Association, Inc., J. Henry Waugh, Prop.
1968 Philip K. Dick Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
1968 Alexandra Kleeman born
1968 Jerzy Kosinski Steps
1968 Norman Mailer The Armies of the Night
1968 Norman Mailer Miami and the Siege of Chicago
1968 Cormac McCarthy Outer Dark
1968 N. Scott Momaday House Made of Dawn
1968 Joyce Carol Oates Expensive People
1968 Reynolds Price Love and Work
1968 Upton Sinclair died
1968 John Steinbeck died
1968 Tom Wolfe The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test
1968 Gore Vidal Myra Breckinridge
1969 Maya Angelou I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
1969 John Berryman The Dream Songs
1969 Elizabeth Bishop The Complete Poems
1969 John Cheever Bullet Park
1969 Evan S. Connell Mr. Bridge
1969 David Anthony Durham born
1969 Jack Kerouac died
1969 Ursula K. Le Guin The Left Hand of Darkness
1969 Clarence Major All-Night Visitors
1969 Richard Marius The Coming of the Rain
1969 Joseph McElroy Hind’s Kidnap
1969 Vladimir Nabokov Ada or Ardor
1969 Joyce Carol Oates them
1969 Philip Roth Portnoy’s Complaint
1969 Thomas Savage The Liar
1969 John Kennedy Toole died
1969 Kurt Vonnegut Slaughterhouse-Five
1969 Colson Whitehead born
1969 Rudolph Wurlitzer Nog (UK: The Octopus)
1970 Shalom Auslander born
1970 Saul Bellow Mr. Sammler’s Planet
1970 Louise Bogan died
1970 James Dickey Deliverance
1970 Joan Didion Play It As It Lays
1970 John Dos Passos died
1970 Adam Haslett born
1970 William Melvin Kelley Dunford’s Travels Everywheres
1970 Thomas McMahon Principles of American Nuclear Chemistry
1970 Eudora Welty Losing Battles
1970 Rudolph Wurlitzer Flats
1971 Maya Angelou Just Give Me a Cool Drink of Water ‘fore I Diiie
1971 Charles Bukowski Post Office
1971 Walter Van Tilburg Clark died
1971 Sergio de la Pava born
1971 Don DeLillo Americana
1971 Raymond Federman Double or Nothing
1971 George Garrett Death of the Fox
1971 Jerzy Kosinski Being There
1971 Joseph McElroy Ancient History
1971 Joyce Carol Oates Wonderland
1971 Walker Percy Love in the Ruins
1971 John Updike Rabbit Redux
1972 Jane Bowles died
1972 Hortense Calisher Standard Dreaming
1972 Don DeLillo End Zone
1972 Barry Hannah Geronimo Rex
1972 Hunter S. Thompson Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
1972 Marianne Moore died
1972 Ezra Pound died
1972 Theodore Weesner The Car Thief
1972 Eudora Welty The Optimist’s Daughter
1972 John Williams Augustus
1972 Rudolph Wurlitzer Quake
1973 Arna Bontemps died
1973 Pearl S. Buck died
1973 Don DeLillo Great Jones Street
1973 Ellen Douglas Apostles of Light
1973 Leon Forrest There Is a Tree More Ancient Than Eden
1973 Thomas McGuane Ninety-Two in the Shade
1973 Toni Morrison Sula
1973 Joyce Carol Oates Do with Me What You Will
1973 Thomas Pynchon Gravity’s Rainbow
1973 Philip Roth The Great American Novel
1973 Kurt Vonnegut Breakfast of Champions
1974 Nicole Krauss born
1974 Alison Lurie The War between the Tates
1974 Cormac McCarthy Child of God
1974 Joseph McElroy Lookout Cartridge
1974 John Crowe Ransom died
1974 Robert Stone Dog Soldiers
1975 Donald Barthelme The Dead Father
1975 Saul Bellow Humboldt’s Gift
1975 Isabel Bolton died
1975 William Gaddis J R
1975 Chad Harbach born
1975 William Kennedy Legs
1975 Harry Mathews The Sinking of the Odradek Stadium
1975 Joyce Carol Oates The Assassins
1975 James Salter Light Years
1975 Ntozake Shange for colored girls who have considered suicide / when the rainbow is enuf
1975 Thornton Wilder died
1976 Ann Beattie Chilly Scenes of Winter
1976 Don DeLillo Ratner’s Star
1976 Richard Ford A Piece of My Heart
1976 Alex Haley Roots
1976 Ursula K. Le Guin The Word for World Is Forest
1976 Richard Marius Bound for the Promised Land
1976 C. E. Morgan born
1976 Joyce Carol Oates Childwold
1977 John Cheever Falconer
1977 Robert Coover The Public Burning
1977 Don DeLillo Players
1977 Joan Didion A Book of Common Prayer
1977 James Jones died
1977 Robert Lowell died
1977 Joseph McElroy Plus
1977 Toni Morrison Song of Solomon
1977 Vladimir Nabokov died
1977 Walker Percy Lancelot
1977 Leslie Marmon Silko Ceremony
1977 R.G. Vliet Soledad (aka Solitudes)
1977 Edward Whittemore Sinai Tapestry
1978 Don DeLillo Running Dog
1978 John Irving The World According to Garp
1978 William Kennedy Billy Phelan’s Greatest Game
1978 Armistead Maupin Tales of the City
1978 Thomas McGuane Panama
1978 Joyce Carol Oates Son of the Morning
1978 Tim O’Brien Going After Cacciato
1979 Elizabeth Bishop died
1979 Ellen Douglas The Rock Cried Out
1979 Clifford Dowdey died
1979 James T Farrell died
1979 Bernard Malamud Dubin’s Lives
1979 Cormac McCarthy Suttree
1979 Mary McCarthy Cannibals and Missionaries
1979 Mary McCarthy died
1979 Thomas McMahon McKay’s Bees
1979 James Salter Solo Faces
1979 Jean Stafford died
1979 William Styron Sophie’s Choice
1979 Allen Tate died
1980 Walter Abish How German It Is
1980 Toni Cade Bambara The Salt Eaters
1980 Ann Beattie Falling in Place
1980 Barry Hannah Ray
1980 Reif Larsen born
1980 Henry Miller died
1980 Wright Morris Plains Song: For Female Voices
1980 Joyce Carol Oates Bellefleur
1980 Walker Percy The Second Coming
1980 Katherine Anne Porter died
1980 Marilynne Robinson Housekeeping
1980 John Kennedy Toole A Confederacy of Dunces
1981 John Irving The Hotel New Hampshire
1981 Nelson Algren died
1981 T C Boyle Water Music
1981 Richard Ford The Ultimate Good Luck
1981 Anita Loos died
1981 Thomas McGuane Nobody’s Angel
1981 Toni Morrison Tar Baby
1981 Joyce Carol Oates Angel of Light
1981 William Saroyan died
1981 Robert Stone A Flag for Sunrise
1981 John Updike Rabbit Is Rich
1982 Kathy Acker Great Expectations
1982 Djuna Barnes died
1982 Saul Bellow The Dean’s December
1982 John Cheever died
1982 Robert Coover Spanking the Maid
1982 Don DeLillo The Names
1982 Philip K. Dick The Transmigration of Timothy Archer
1982 Philip K. Dick died
1982 Ellen Douglas A Lifetime Burning
1982 Stanley Elkin George Mills
1982 James Merrill The Changing Light at Sandover
1982 Joyce Carol Oates A Bloodsmoor Romance
1982 Ntozake Shange Sassafrass, Cypress & Indigo
1982 Anne Tyler Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant
1982 Alice Walker The Color Purple
1982 Edmund White A Boy’s Own Story
1983 Madison Smartt Bell The Washington Square Ensemble
1983 Jay Cantor The Death of Che Guevara
1983 George Garrett The Succession
1983 William Goyen died
1983 Paula Gunn Allen The Woman Who Owned The Shadows
1983 Denis Johnson Angels
1983 William Kennedy Ironweed
1983 Norman Mailer Ancient Evenings
1983 Tennessee Williams died
1983 Barry Hannah The Tennis Handsome
1984 Kathy Acker Blood and Guts in High School
1984 Richard Bausch The Last Good Time
1984 T C Boyle Budding Prospects: A Pastoral
1984 Truman Capote died
1984 Louise Erdrich Love Medicine
1984 Joyce Carol Oates Mysteries of Winterthurn
1984 Jayne Anne Phillips Machine Dreams
1984 R.G. Vliet died
1984 Rudolph Wurlitzer Slow Fade
1985 Paul Auster City of Glass
1985 John Calvin Batchelor American Falls
1985 Ann Beattie Love Always
1985 Madison Smartt Bell Waiting for the End of the World
1985 Don DeLillo White Noise
1985 Bret Easton Ellis Less Than Zero
1985 William Gaddis Carpenter’s Gothic
1985 Denis Johnson Fiskadoro
1985 Cormac McCarthy Blood Meridian
1985 Tim O’Brien The Nuclear Age
1985 Richard Powers Three Farmers on Their Way to a Dance
1985 T. R. Pearson A Short History of a Small Place
1985 Anne Tyler The Accidental Tourist
1985 R.G. Vliet Scorpio Rising
1986 Kathy Acker Don Quixote
1986 Harriette Arnow died
1986 Paul Auster Ghosts
1986 Paul Auster The Locked Room
1986 Madison Smartt Bell Straight Cut
1986 Robert Coover Gerald’s Party
1986 Susan Daitch L.C.
1986 Richard Ford The Sportswriter
1986 Denis Johnson The Stars at Noon
1986 Bernard Malamud died
1986 Susan Minot Monkeys
1986 Lorrie Moore Anagrams
1986 Joyce Carol Oates Marya
1986 T. R. Pearson Off for the Sweet Hereafter
1986 Reynolds Price Kate Vaiden
1986 Robert Stone Children of Light
1987 James Baldwin died
1987 T C Boyle World’s End
1987 Charles Baxter First Light
1987 Madison Smartt Bell The Year of Silence
1987 Erskine Caldwell died
1987 Jay Cantor Krazy Kat: A Novel in Five Panels
1987 Michael Dorris A Yellow Raft in Blue Water
1987 Joseph McElroy Women and Men
1987 Thomas McMahon Loving Little Egypt/td>
1987 Toni Morrison Beloved
1987 Walker Percy The Thanatos Syndrome
1987 Joanna Scott Fading, My Parmacheene Belle
1987 William T. Vollmann You Bright and Risen Angels
1987 David Foster Wallace The Broom of the System
1987 Glenway Wescott died
1987 Tom Wolfe The Bonfire of the Vanities
1988 Kathy Acker Empire of the Senseless
1988 Nicholson Baker Mezzanine
1988 Michael Chabon The Mysteries of Pittsburgh
1988 Don DeLillo Libra
1988 Jonathan Franzen The Twenty-Seventh City
1988 David Markson Wittgenstein’s Mistress
1988 Richard Powers Prisoner’s Dilemma
1988 Joanna Scott The Closest Possible Union
1988 Gordon Weaver The Eight Corners of the World
1989 Donald Barthelme died
1989 Madison Smartt Bell Soldier’s Joy
1989 E. L. Doctorow Billy Bathgate
1989 A. M. Homes Jack
1989 N. Scott Momaday The Ancient Child
1989 Robert Penn Warren died
1990 Nicholson Baker Room Temperature
1990 Madison Smartt Bell East Is East
1990 Michael Cunningham A Home at the End of the World
1990 Susan Daitch The Colorist
1990 George Garrett Entered from the Sun
1990 Mark Leyner My Cousin, My Gastroenterologist
1990 Joyce Carol Oates Because It Is Bitter, and Because It Is My Heart
1990 Walker Percy died
1990 Thomas Pynchon Vineland
1990 Joanna Scott Arrogance
1990 John Updike Rabbit At Rest
1991 Madison Smartt Bell Doctor Sleep
1991 Harold Brodkey The Runaway Soul
1991 Don DeLillo Mao II
1991 Stanley Elkin The MacGuffin
1991 Bret Easton Ellis American Psycho
1991 Jerzy Kosinski died
1991 Norman Mailer Harlot’s Ghost
1991 Lewis Nordan Music of the Swamp
1991 Richard Powers The Gold Bug Variations
1991 Norman Rush Mating
1991 Leslie Marmon Silko Almanac of the Dead
1992 Kay Boyle died
1992 Robert Coover Pinocchio in Venice
1992 Leon Forrest Divine Days
1992 H L Humes died
1992 Mark Leyner Et Tu, Babe
1992 Cormac McCarthy All the Pretty Horses
1992 Joyce Carol Oates Black Water
1992 Robert Stone Outerbridge Reach
1992 Donna Tartt The Secret History
1992 William T. Vollmann You Bright and Risen Angels
1992 Richard Yates died
1993 Walter Abish Eclipse Fever
1993 Sherman Alexie The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven
1993 Richard Bausch Rebel Powers
1993 Madison Smartt Bell Save Me, Joe Louis
1993 Madison Smartt Bell The Road to Wellville
1993 Kathryn Davis The Girl Who Trod on a Loaf
1993 John Hersey died
1993 Lewis Nordan Wolf Whistle
1993 Richard Powers Operation Wandering Soul
1993 E. Annie Proulx The Shipping News
1993 Richard Russo Nobody’s Fool
1994 Charles Bukowski died
1994 John Dufresne Louisiana Power & Light
1994 Ralph Ellison died
1994 William Gaddis A Frolic of His Own
1994 David Guterson Snow Falling on Cedars
1994 Cormac McCarthy The Crossing
1994 Lorrie Moore Who Will Run the Frog Hospital?
1994 Tim O’Brien In the Lake of the Woods
1994 William T. Vollmann The Rifles
1994 John Williams died
1995 Sherman Alexie Reservation Blues
1995 Toni Cade Bambara died
1995 Ann Beattie Another You
1995 Evan Dara The Lost Scrapbook
1995 Stanley Elkin died
1995 William H. Gass The Tunnel
1995 Andrew Lytle died
1995 James Merrill died
1995 Bradford Morrow Trinity Fields
1995 Richard Powers Galatea 2.2
1995 Henry Roth died
1995 Frank Waters died
1996 Harold Brodkey died
1996 Robert Coover Briar Rose
1996 Robert Coover John’s Wife
1996 George Garrett The King of Babylon Shall Not Come Against You
1996 David Markson Reader’s Block
1996 Stephen Schneck died
1996 Joanna Scott The Manikin
1996 David Foster Wallace Infinite Jest
1997 Kathy Acker died
1997 William Burroughs died
1997 Don DeLillo Underworld
1997 James Dickey died
1997 Michael Dorris died
1997 Leon Forrest died
1997 Charles Frazier Cold Mountain
1997 Allen Ginsberg died
1997 Bradford Morrow Giovanni’s Gift
1997 Thomas Pynchon Mason & Dixon
1997 Richard Russo Straight Man
1998 Robert Coover Ghost Town
1998 Tim Gautreaux The Next Step in the Danc
1998 Barbara Kingsolver The Poisonwood Bible
1998 Cormac McCarthy Cities of the Plain
1998 Wright Morris died
1998 Ruth Ozeki My Year of Meats
1998 Richard Powers Gain
1998 Colson Whitehead The Intuitionist
1999 Alice Adams died
1999 Paul Bowles died
1999 Joseph Heller died
1999 Janet Lewis died
1999 Richard Marius died
1999 Thomas McMahon died
2000 Michael Chabon The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay
2000 Mark Danielewski House of Leaves
2000 Richard Powers Plowing the Dark
2001 Gregory Corso died
2001 David Anthony Durham Gabriel’s Story
2001 Jonathan Franzen The Corrections
2001 Barry Hannah Yonder Stands Your Orphan
2001 Ken Kesey died
2001 Ann Patchett Bel Canto
2001 Eudora Welty died
2001 Colson Whitehead John Henry Days
2002 Alice Adams The Stories of Alice Adams
2002 Richard Bausch Hello to the Cannibals
2002 Joyce Carol Oates I’ll Take You There
2002 Donna Tartt The Little Friend
2003 Paul Auster Oracle Night
2003 Madison Smartt Bell Drop City
2003 Don DeLillo Cosmopolis
2003 Joseph McElroy Actress in the House
2003 Richard Powers The Time of Our Singing
2003 Thomas Savage died
2004 Thomas McMahon Ira Foxglove
2004 Joyce Carol Oates The Falls
2004 Marilynne Robinson Gilead
2004 Susan Sontag died
2005 Saul Bellow died
2005 Robert Creeley died
2005 Nicole Krauss The History of Love
2005 Arthur Miller died
2005 Sue Miller Lost in the Forest
2006 Robert Creeley Collected Poems
2006 Kathryn Davis The Thin Place
2006 Jonathan Littell Les Bienveillantes (The Kindly Ones)
2006 Cormac McCarthy The Road
2006 Richard Powers The Echo Maker
2006 Thomas Pynchon Against the Day
2006 William Styron died
2006 Colson Whitehead Apex Hides the Hurt
2007 Michael Chabon The Yiddish Policemen’s Union
2007 Don DeLillo Falling Man
2007 Norman Mailer died
2007 Michael Thomas Man Gone Down
2008 Sergio de la Pava A Naked Singularity
2008 George Garrett died
2008 Paula Gunn Allen died
2008 John Hawkes died
2008 Karl Marlantes Matterhorn
2008 Sue Miller The Senator’s Wife
2008 Marilynne Robinson Home
2008 David Foster Wallace died
2009 Nicholson Baker The Anthologist
2009 Hortense Calisher died
2009 Raymond Federman died
2009 Reif Larsen The Selected Works of T. S. Spivet
2009 Lorrie Moore A Gate at the Stairs
2009 Richard Powers Generosity
2009 James Purdy died
2009 Thomas Pynchon Inherent Vice
2009 Joanna Scott Follow Me
2009 John Updike died
2010 Don DeLillo Point Omega
2010 Jennifer Egan A Visit From the Goon Squad
2010 Jonathan Franzen Freedom
2010 Adam Haslett Union Atlantic
2010 David Markson died
2010 J. D. Salinger died
2010 Adam Haslett Union Atlantic
2010 Teddy Wayne Kapitoil
2011 Chad Harbach The Art of Fielding
2011 Ann Patchett State of Wonder
2011 Reynolds Price died
2011 David Foster Wallace The Pale King
2011 Colson Whitehead Zone One
2012 Shalom Auslander Hope: A Tragedy
2012 Ellen Douglas died
2012 A. M. Homes May We Be Forgiven
2012 Lewis Nordan died
2012 Adrienne Rich died
2012 James Salter All That Is
2012 Gore Vidal died
2013 Evan S. Connell died
2013 Kathryn Davis Duplex
2013 Ruth Ozeki A Tale for the Time Being
2013 Thomas Pynchon Bleeding Edge
2013 Donna Tartt The Goldfinch
2014 Maya Angelou died
2014 Thomas Berger died
2014 Richard Powers Orfeo
2014 Marilynne Robinson Lila
2014 Joanna Scott De Potter’s Grand Tour
2015 Mark Danielewski The Familiar, Volume 1: One Rainy Day in May
2015 E. L. Doctorow died
2015 Jonathan Franzen Purity
2015 Alexandra Kleeman You Too Can Have a Body Like Mine
2015 James Salter died
2015 Robert Stone died
2015 Theodore Weesner died
2016 Edward Albee died
2016 Susan Daitch The Lost Civilization of Suolucidir
2016 Don DeLillo Zero K
2016 Harper Lee died
2016 C. E. Morgan The Sport of Kings
2016 Colson Whitehead: The Underground Railroad
2017 Robert Coover Huck Out West
2017 Denis Johnson died
2017 William Melvin Kelley died
2017 Nicole Krauss Forest Dark
2017 Joanna Scott Careers for Women
2018 Richard Powers The Overstory
2018 Philip Roth died
2019 Lucy Ellmann Ducks, Newburyport
2019 Colson Whitehead: The Nickel Boys
2020 Marilynne Robinson Jack