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The Dystopian Novel

Dystopia is a term apparently coined as far back as 1868, to reflect a society where everything is bad (from the Greek for bad place). It usually involves an oppressive society, with a hero who revolts against that society, not always successfully. It is found in many science fiction novels but also in many literary novels that use science fiction elements.

Dystopian novels on this site:

Naomi Alderman: The Power
Corrado Alvaro: L’uomo è forte (Man Is Strong; later: Fear in the World)
Margaret Atwood: The Handmaid’s Tale
Margaret Atwood: The Testaments
Agustina Bazterrica: Cadáver exquisito (Tender Is the Flesh)
Karin Boye: Kallocain
Anthony Burgess: A Clockwork Orange
Martín Caparrós: Sinfin [Endless]
Juan Cárdenas: Ornamento (Ornamental)
Jim Crace: Pesthouse
Don DeLillo: The Silence
Ignácio de Loyola Brandão: Não verás país nenhum (And Still the Earth)
L P Hartley: Facial Justice
Marlen Haushofer: Die Wand (The Wall)
Michel Houellebecq: Sérotonine (Serotonin)
Petra Hůlová: The Movement
Adous Huxley: Ape and Essence
Aldous Huxley: Brave New World
Rita Indiana: La mucama de Omicunlé (Tentacle)
David Ireland: The Unknown Industrial Prisoner
Kazuo Ishiguro: Klara and the Sun
Kazuo Ishiguro: Never Let Me Go
Denis Johnson: Denis Johnson
Bilge Karasu: Gece (Night)
John Lanchester: The Wall
Doris Lessing: The Memoirs of a Survivor
Emily St. John Mandel: Station Eleven
Rodrigo Márquez Tizano: Yakarta (Jakarta)
Cormac McCarthy: The Road
George Orwell: 1984
Victor Pelevin: S.N.U.F.F. (S.N.U.F.F.)
Walker Percy: Love in the Ruins
Manon Steffan Ros: Llyfr Glas Nebo (Blue Book of Nebo)
Boualem Sansal: 2084 la fin du monde (2084: The End Of The World)
Germán Sierra: The Artifact
Sheng Keyi: 死亡賦格 (Death Fugue)
Anna Smaill: The Chimes
Llorenç Villalonga: Andrea Víctrix (Andrea Víctrix)
Jeanette Winterson: The Stone Gods
Yevgeny Zamyatin): Мы (We)

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